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Robin (ルフレ, RufureReflet in Japan) is a newcomer to Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU directly from the Fire Emblem series, specifically Fire Emblem: Awakening. He was confirmed during a live stream, alongside Captain Falcon and Lucina, on the official Super Smash Bros. website on July 14th, 2014.

Robin is one of the six characters that have an alternate costume which changes his gender, acting similarly to his home game.

Robin currently ranks 37th on the tier list, which is mostly due to him having a wide range of powerful magical attacks, including one that heals him, powerful smash attacks and aerials with the Levin Sword, and a variety of unusual projectiles. However, he can only use these attacks a certain number of times before losing them temporarily, including his recovery, and his smash attacks will be considerably weaker and difficult to transition to once he loses the Levin Sword. He also possesses one of the slowest walking and the slowest running speed in the game, hurting his approach, and has a very short grab range despite having a good grab game.



  • Levin Sword causes good amount of hitstun, allowing Robin to pull a nice variety of combos. It also has lightning property.
  • Can use long range magic attacks with various elements. Some of these attacks can be charged for increased effect.
  • Levin Sword and Tomes become throwable items after breaking, allowing the player to dish out extra damage to compensate.
  • The pillar of flames from Arcfire, if cast at ground level, will emerge regardless of connecting with the opponent, unlike Ness' PK Fire.
  • Can self heal and deal damage at the same time using Nosferatu.
  • Has one of the best zoning tactics in the game, with powerful edge guarding.
  • Two useful Meteor Smashes: Down Aerial with Levin Sword and the first wind blade from Elwind.
  • Excellent recovery, with a high midair jump and a far-reaching Up Special Attack.
  • Not too light nor heavy, with a comfortable falling speed and aerial acceleration that makes it easier to fake a landing (trick the opponent into thinking you are going to land somewhere, then change the direction).
  • Discarding of tomes and the Levin Sword provide a temporary defence to his/her back.
  • Discarded Tomes and Levin Sword can be grabbed again and thrown at opponents for extra damage and great kill moves.


  • Slowest walking and running speed in the game.
  • Lowest standard Grab range in the game.
  • Slowest pummel in the game.
  • Neutral Combo's third hit consumes durability of Arcfire. Rapid Jab consume's durability of Elwind.
  • Levin Sword and his Tomes break after a certain amount of uses.
  • Cannot use magic for some seconds after his tome breaks, having to wait until the Tome regenerates.
  • Inconsistent range, damage and knockback due to transitions between the Levin Sword and Bronze Sword.
  • Slow and predictable recovery.

Robin's stats by Kurogane Hammer


Robin is a Zoning and Trapping type of fighter, specializing in both projectile usage to control the battlefield and close-ranged attacks to heavily punish opponents.

Robin is a middleweight, but suffers from extremely slow mobility due to rather slow movement and the slowest dash in the game. While it does hinder his offensive options, it does make it easier for him to play a more defensive role in the fight.

Robin is unique as he breaks the mold for Fire Emblem fighters; he possesses both tomes and swords, making him capable of keeping opponents at a distance and punishing advances with his disjointed range. His neutral combo can vary between a multi-hit wind attack and a single fiery explosion, giving Robin good options for trapping opponents and knocking them back. Robin's smash attacks and directional aerials are extremely powerful due to the Levin Sword due to its range and sheer power. While the Bronze Sword does not possess the same KO potential as the Levin Sword, it does create many combo options due to its weaker knockback, making it extremely useful for his neutral aerials and tilts.

Robin's Special Moves have high utility when pressuring and spacing. Thunder is a multipurpose move that is useful for racking up damage, disrupting approaches, or knocking back opponents depending on its charge. Arcfire is a useful move for edgeguarding, as it racks up decent damage and can chain into other attacks. Elwind doubles as a recovery move and one for relieving pressure from opponents from below. Finally, Nosferatu is an effective self-healer due to its function like a grab, making it impossible to shield.

However, Robin is mainly offset by the durability of the Levin Sword and his tomes. Though the discarded sword and tome can be used as a throwable item to inflict high shieldstun and damage, this leaves Robin with limited options when fighting; exhausting the Levin Sword will force Robin to lose his high KO potential and range, while losing any of his tomes will make Robin lose options for racking up damage, disrupting approaches, and pressuring. His recovery is extremely affected by this mechanic, as losing Elwind will give Robin no method of recovery. Conbining this weakness and his slow mobility makes Robin extremely susceptible to fighters capable of fighting up close, especially those with better disjointed ranges. Finally, Robin's grab game is extremely lackluster due to its short range and high ending lag.

Overall, players must be tactical with Robin's tomes and melee attacks, being precise with every attack and capitalizing on opponents' mistakes. They also must be aware of the durability of Robin's options, and be prepared to play defensively once they have been exhausted.

Levin Sword and Tomes Data

  • The Levin Sword can only be used 8 times before Robin discards it, tossing it backwards. It will then bounce on the ground once and disappear. While bouncing, it can hit and damage foes for 7% damage. The player can also pick up the Levin Sword before it disappears, and then use it as a throwing projectile. It deals 11% damage if normal thrown, or 15% if smash-thrown.
  • The player can "put away" the Levin Sword and use the Bronze Sword in order to conserve it for later use, by using Tilt Attacks, Standard Jab or Neutral Aerial. If the player does a Smash Attack or "smash" in the air, the Levin Sword will reappear for the attack.
  • The Levin Sword will start blinking in when it has only 2 uses left. After it's gone, he will be able to use it again after 9 seconds.
  • The same thing happens with his/her tomes: Robin tosses it at their back, it bounces once and then disappears. They can also pick the tomes up. The tomes deal 9% when discarded, 14% when normal-thrown, and 18% when smash-thrown.
  • Tome Durability: Arcfire - 6 / Thunder - 20 (Can be surpassed) / Elwind - 18 / Nosferatu - 4.
  • Both Levin Sword and Tomes will emit a golden glow/shine when they respawn, as a visual indicator for the player.


Ground Attacks


  • Standard Combo: Slashes twice, then hits opponent with a fire spell or a wind spell, depending on how fast the button is pressed, just like Pit's combo. The fire spell will be a brief but powerful explosion (which will also consume a point of durability from Arcfire), and the wind spell will hit many times before Robin finishes it with a final wind cut (which will consume a point of durability from Elwind after the move is over). The last wind cut has remarkably powerful launch power and can even KO an enemy with 130% by itself. Whether Robin does the fire or wind spell also depends on if they have Elwind or Arcfire tomes leftover.. 3%, 3%, then 5% (fire spell) or 1% multiple times and then a 3% (wind spell).
  • Dash Attack: Jabs with their sword. Has very little start-up. 10% if sweet spotted, 6% if not.
  • Side Tilt: Gives a stronger sword slash. 7%.
  • Up Tilt: Swings their sword upward as they do a little hop. Hardly hits opponents that aren't airbone. 6%.
  • Down Tilt: Holds their sword to the ground and swings it. One of Robin's fastest attacks. 6%.

Smash Attacks

All of Robin's Smash attacks activate the Levin Sword. If it is gone, they will use the bronze sword in its place. The damage variations (X% ~ Y%) refer to the difference between these swords, X being bronze, and Y, Levin.

  • Side Smash: Slashes horizontally.

Uncharged: 9% ~ 16%. Fully Charged: 13% ~ 22%.

  • Up Smash: Stabs upwards. When using Levin Sword, the attack deals more damage if it hits opponents right above Robin.

Damage to ground opponents near Robin: Uncharged: 9% ~ 10% Fully Charged: 12% ~ 14%

Damage to opponents right above Robin: Uncharged: 9% ~ 15% Fully Charged: 12% ~ 21%

  • Down Smash: Smashes their sword against the ground. Only attacks forward, however, electrical sparks fly out on both sides when using the Levin Sword. The back spark deals extra damage if the opponent is right next to Robin. This attack has horrible range with the bronze sword.

Damage from direct hit: Uncharged: 8% ~ 15%. Fully Charged: 11% ~ 21%.

Spark damage: Uncharged: 8%, or 12% with back bonus. Fully Charged: 11%, or 16% with back bonus.

Other attacks

  • Ledge Attack: After climbing the edge, Robin lies to the ground and stabs forward. Will leave him vulnerable for more time than the average ledge attack. 7%.
  • Get-up Attack: As he gets up, slashes at both sides. 7%.

Aerial Attacks

Robin can perform versions of their Smash attacks midair by tapping the control pad / stick and hitting the attack button simultaneously, or if the last basic attack prior to the aerial was a Smash or an Aerial Smash. Levin Sword attacks while airborne let out sparks which somewhat extend the duration of each attack. That means airborne attacks that missed their sweet spot can still have a chance of hitting, but for only 5% damage.

  • Neutral Aerial: Slashes forward then backward with the bronze sword. This is the only aerial attack where the Levin sword cannot be used.. 7%.
  • Forward Aerial: A broad slash forward that will also hit opponents below Robin. 6% ~ 11%.
  • Back Aerial: Stabs the Bronze/Levin sword behind them. Good launch power. 9% ~ 15%.
  • Up Aerial: Swings the Bronze/Levin sword above him in an arc. Broad, speedy, and with immense launch power, it is Robin's best mean of KO (with the Levin Sword, of course). 7% ~ 13% sweet spotted.
  • Down Aerial: Slashes the Bronze/Levin sword downwards. Is a meteor smash, but only with the Levin Sword. 7% ~ 10%.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Attacks with magic. A very slow pummel. 3%.
  • Forward Throw: Smacks opponents forward with a small magic blast. 8%.
  • Back Throw: Spins sword around and psychically hurls the opponent backwards. If grabbed at the tip of the stage, can KO an opponent at 140%. 11%.
  • Up Throw: Smacks opponents upward with a small magic blast. 8%.
  • Down Throw: Slams opponent on the ground. 6%.

Special Moves

Robin's special moves involve using spells from his/her tomes. However, the tomes can only be used a certain number of times.

Robin's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Thunder Magic
Side Special Arcfire
Up Special Elwind
Down Special Nosferatu
Final Smash Pair Up

Robin's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Thunder Magic+ Speed Thunder
Side Special Arcfire+ Fire Wall
Up Special Soaring Elwind Gliding Elwind
Down Special Distant Nosferatu Goetia


  • Up Taunt: Waves their sword around and then points it diagonally upwards. Male Robin says "Let's tip the scales!". Female Robin says "Time to tip the scales!".
  • Side Taunt: Levitates tome and sword, rotates sword. They both say "Prepare yourself.".
  • Down Taunt: Circle sword and tome around themselves. Male Robin says "You're not ready.". Female Robin says "Here I go!".

Other features

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In competitive play

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This is the male Robin, an avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening. The goal of that game doesn't change much because of your gender choice, but Robin's hairstyle options do. In Smash Bros., Robin brings powerful magic and swordplay to bear. He can exhaust his moves, but they'll be restored over time.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (02/2013)
Robin (Alt.)
Robin's magic is powerful, but it has limited uses before needing to recharge. Thunder can be charged in stages, will become Thoron at max charge, and gains damage and speed with its charge. Arcfire creates a flame pillar, perfect for dealing with an edge-clinging foe.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (02/2013)
Pair Up
Like the Pair Up feature in Fire Emblem: Awakening that lets two characters attack a foe at once, Robin's Final Smash calls Chrom, the Prince of Ylisse, to the battlefield. First, Chrom dashes forward and if he lands a hit, Robin joins him for a flawless combination of attacks. It can even catch multiple opponents at once!

Costume Gallery

Robin Palette (SSB4).png


Reveal trailer



  • Robin is one of six characters with alternate playable genders, alongside Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Mii Fighters, Corrin, and Bowser Jr.
    • Robin is also one of the four character to have different voice actors, the other three being Wii Fit Trainer, Bowser Jr. and Corrin.
  • Robin breaks the "standard" for many Fire Emblem fighters:
    • Robin is the first character to possess a projectile, followed by Corrin
    • Robin is the only Fire Emblem character who doesn't have any form of a counter.
    • Robin is also the only Fire Emblem character who uses magic, as opposed to all other Fire Emblem characters, who only use swords.
      • However, he still uses a sword for his basic attacks (that being his Levin Sword).
  • Robin's "Time to tip the scales!" taunt (although the clip is audibly shortened with, "Let's tip the scales!") is also used in their debut trailer, and originates as a possible response to when they strike a critical hit or activate a skill in Fire Emblem: Awakening.
  • Robin's "Prepare yourself!" taunt is shared with Ike, being the only taunt to have this distinction.
  • Before patch 1.0.4 was released, Robin had a game-breaking bug against Zero Suit Samus, which allowed the latter to perform a zero-to-death infinite combo using the former's delayed animation after being targeted by a footstool jump.
  • Robin is the third fighter in the series to possess an actual distinguishable quote for a Blast KO, after Pit and Red. This occurs for his alternate quote, where he says, "Reckless fool!" (His female counterpart (and alternate costume) says, "I was careless!"). In the Japanese version, they both say, "I was careless!"

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