The Roader ( ローダ?, Roada) is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode and first appears in The Battlefield Fortress level.

Enemy Description

Roaders are one-wheeled red motorcycles with a spiked motocross helmet. They are fast and when they spots the player's character, they charge at top speed, attempting to ram the character. These monsters can outrun Sonic at all difficulties, but their charge requires acceleration at lower ones. The danger is often in the high horizontal knockback, as the damage that is dealt by their charge is still low compared to many other enemies. When it is near a gap, a Roader can try to jump to the other side. On occasion the Roader may lose balance and fall over, allowing for easier defeat. When defeated, it explodes and its wheel starts flying away. It also has a very high knockback, which can be deadly if killed by anything not the player. To capture a Roader, you either have to anticipate its ambush, or wait for it to be slowly driving around, preferably near a wall, so you can trap it.

The design of the Roader might be based on the Helper form of Wheelie from the Kirby games.

Name origin

Roader's name is the word road as an occupation, despite being a noun.

Trophy description

A Subspace Army enemy that looks like a motorized unicycle. It features an off-road motorbike helmet as a head, revealing creepy eyes that peek from under its visor. It attacks using three head spikes and its wheel and is clearly unconcerned with environmental conservation, since it wheels around freely spouting exhaust from its muffler.