Rising Tackle is Terry's Up Special Move.


When performing this move, Terry will leap up and do an upward multi-hit drill kick similar to Samus's up air. There is a weak and strong version of this attack, with the strong version covering more height. If the player points the control stick down for a moment before performing this attack, all of Terry's body will gain invincibility while rising. In all versions of Rising Tackle Terry's legs become invincible. This attack can serve as a recovery move and, despite it's probably better used on an airborne enemy, enemies can still get hit if they're on the ground and close to you when the attack is used.


Rising Tackle is one of Terry's most known moves, seen throughout the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. Some games made this move largely exclusive to Terry's EX form when games had different versions of him.

Mark of the Wolves deuteragonist Rock Howard was taught this move by Terry.

Terry Bogard's Special Moves
Standard Special Power Wave
Side Special Burning Knuckle/Crack Shoot
Up Special Rising Tackle
Down Special Power Dunk
Super Special Power Geyser/Buster Wolf
Final Smash Triple Wolf