The RAR (Reverse Aerial Rush), is a technique originated in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which allows players to attack an opponent with their Back Aerial Attack while rushing them. It returns in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

The main purpose of this technique is to allow characters to use their Back Aerials in front of them, since many characters' Back Aerials are faster and more powerful compared to their Forward Aerials. Characters like Falco, whose Forward Aerial is not so useful and very ineffective to KO, greatly benefit from RAR.

How to perform

It is performed by dashing, then quickly smashing the control stick in the opposite direction, immediately jumping, and then using your back aerial. This results in the character being in the air facing the opposite direction than the original dash direction while retaining the forward momentum.

This technique, however, cannot be performed during the initial dash animation; the character must be in his/her running animation. This ends up limiting the usefulness of RAR for characters with long initial dashes, such as Captain Falcon and Sonic.

Auto RAR

Only avaliable in Brawl, is a glitch where when mapping the C-Stick to Special Attacks rather than Smash Attacks, the character can perform an Auto RAR by flicking the C-Stick in the opposite direction during a run, resulting in a RAR jump.

To perform an auto RAR, one needs to have the C-Stick set to special moves, as opposed to smash attacks. While a character is running, the player can press the C-Stick in the opposite direction of the run. The character will then do the RAR jump where another action can be taken.

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Falco performing Reverse Aerial Rush (RAR)

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