Revenge is Incineroar's Down Special. It acts as a counter, however, instead of inflicting stronger amounts of damage, the move, when hit, strengthens Incineroar's next attack. In fact, the move can't kill even against an opponent at 999.9% damage.


Incineroar thrusts its body outwards awaiting for an attack to hit it. If an attack hits Incineroar in this state, Incineroar's body emits a small fire that deals little knockback. Incineroar's body will then be covered with red scars of fire, powering up its next attack. After the next attack is used, Incineroar's body reverts back to normal and the effect disappears.


Revenge in Gen III.

Revenge is a physical Fighting type Pokémon move that first appeared in Generation III. It has 10 Power Points, 60 Base Power and is 100% Accurate. Its attack power doubles if the user was hurt by the opponent in the same turn.

Incineroar's Special Moves
Standard Special Darkest Lariat
Side Special Alolan Whip
Up Special Cross Chop
Down Special Revenge
Final Smash Max Malicious Moonsault