Judgment recoil damage

Judgment dealing recoil damage.

Recoil damage (also known as self-damage) is damage taken by a character when it uses an attack under certain circumstances. Recoil damage is constant regardless of any other factors; it is not affected by stale-move negation, and occurs even if the user is invincible or intangible. Being damaged by one's own explosive generally does not count as recoil damage, as it does not directly deal damage to the character. Recoil damage does not cause knockback to the user.

Recoil damage can only be negated via the use of Melee's Cloaking Device item. In addition, the All-Star Rest Area in Smash for 3DS / Wii U prevents any recoil damage from harming the player's character, as for that would not be fair.

List of moves with recoil damage

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