Rebel's Guard is Joker's Down Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Joker enters a defensive stance which allows him to build up the Rebellion Gauge.


When initiating, Joker will enter a defensive stance, emitting a blue aura while holding his hand close to his mask. By holding the Special button, Joker will maintain this stance for a maximum of 1.5 seconds, and any attack that he receives will add to his Rebellion Gauge with their damage halved and no knocback, and he is immune to all status effects. When releasing the button after receiving an attack, Joker will knock any opponent away from him while shouting "Not yet!", "Endure!", "More...", or simply grunt. Due to its duration (the longest of any countering move), Joker can block multi-hit attacks and strong moves, and with its quick startup be able to block most attacks on reaction, though he can be grabbed out of it and has end lag if the held version is ended early.


Tetrakarn and Makarakarn is Joker's Down Special Move when Arsene is present. Joker crosses his arms and creates a circular barrier around his midsection while Arsene mimics his pose behind him.

If an attack hits Joker while in the defensive stance, he will initiate a counterattack depending on the type of attack: if countering a physical attack, he will initiate Tetrakarn, where Arsene thrusts his hand out to create a short shockwave back at the opponent. Intercepting a ranged attack activates Makarakarn, where Arsene draws backs his wings to protect Joker and reflects the projectile, increasing its damage and speed. When activated, Joker will shout the respective spell, or may say "Not enough!" or "Got it!"

Tetrakarn and Makarakarn have a fast startup and long duration in comparison to other counters, making it safer to use off-stage to intercept recoveries, particularly Tetrakarn due to its range extending to below the ledge. The two moves also deal the most damage out of all reflectors/counters in the game, dealing 1.5x and 1.6x damage for the two moves respectively.

Joker's Special Moves
w/o Arsene with Arsene
Standard Special Gun Gun Special
Side Special Eiha Eigaon
Up Special Grappling Hook Wings of Rebellion
Down Special Rebel's Guard Tetrakarn/Makarakarn
Final Smash All-Out Attack


While not officially named, guarding in the Persona series allows the user to reduce damage inflicted while reducing the chances of being downed due to an elemental weakness. The move itself could also reference the themes of Persona 5, taking the damage society gives you and unleashing your rebellious side to awaken your Persona.

Tetrakarn and Makarakarn are support skills in Persona 5. Tetrakarn reflects any single physical attack that hits the user, while Makarakarn reflects any single magical attack that connects. Notably, Arsene cannot learn either move normally but can inherit them from other Personas via Skill Cards or Fusion.


  • In Joker's gameplay trailer, fellow Phantom Thief Futaba Sakura questions the legality of having a counter and reflector in the same move, despite Palutena and King K. Rool possessing such functionality in Counter/Reflect Barrier and Gut Check respectively.
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