Rainbow Road (レインボーロード Reinbō Rōdo?) is a stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It is based on Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart series, specifically the one of Mario Kart 7 which is on the Nintendo 3DS. It was first seen in the Rosalina & Luma's trailer.


Rainbow Road consists of a flat rainbow stage that travels around the course, landing in several areas. A planet resembling Saturn is one of the destinations, along with a white polka-dotted mushroom trampoline. It is a cruise type stage, similar to Port Town Aero Dive, Delfino Plaza, Mute City, and Skyloft. Much like in Mario Circuit, Shy Guys will drive around the course, serving as obstacles.


Rainbow Road first appeared in Super Mario Kart, and has appeared in every Mario Kart game since. This Rainbow Road is based on the Mario Kart 7 version.

Mario Kart DS is the first game that allowed Shy Guys as playable characters, but only through DS Download Play. If friends wanted to play the game together, but somebody didn't have the game, they could still connect together through DS Download Play; however, the people who didn't have the game had no choice but to play as a Shy Guy. It wasn't until Mario Kart 7 that Shy Guys were playable on through the character select screen. In this stage, the karts are driven by Shy Guys, and the karts they drive are the Standard Kart from Mario Kart 7.

Trophy Description


This beautiful seven-color course is the finale of the Special Cup in Mario Kart 7. Set high above in space, drivers navigate the rings of Saturn and cross craters on the moon. Shy Guys are racing on this course as the fighters compete on and around it, and they have no problem hitting you with their karts.



  • The Rainbow Road in the CGI portion of the Rosalina & Luma trailer is not the same model of the track as the one in the actual stage (or any other Rainbow Road in the Mario Kart series).
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