For the Super Smash Bros. Melee version, see Race to the Finish (SSBM)
Race To The Finish SSB Map

Map of Race to the Finish

Race to the Finish (Hurry to the Battlefield, in the Japanese version) is the third bonus game in Super Smash Bros. It is a simple multilevel stage with multiple hazards, such as Fighting Polygons, Bumpers, and explosives.The top level goes towards the right, with a random character polygon there to face players. At the far right, there is an opening leading downward to the next level. This level slants slightly upward to the left, with a barrel generator hanging from the ceiling, dropping an exploding barrel every three seconds. These barrels roll slowly down the incline, and explode on contact. To the left of the generator is the opening to the next level. Another random polygon is there to stall players. At the far is the opening to the second to last level. In the middle of this level are four floating bumpers. To the left is the opening to the bottom level. A third and final fighting polygon is there as an obstacle. Touch the ground on the far right to win. The stage can also be completed if the Fighting Polygons are knocked out through the wall, though it is impossible without hacking the timer.

This stage is playable through Gameshark. It even has unused spawn points for all four players, though it takes a very powerful hit at very high percentages to "crash" through the walls (such as a smash attack at 999%) to be KO'd. Only the first player can touch the end of the stage, which results in every player winning (however, if some characters are KO'd, they will not win).


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