R.O.B. Launcher (ロボットランチャー, Robot Launcher in Japan) is an enemy in the Subspace Emissary.

In the Subspace Emissary

R.O.B. Launchers resemble R.O.B., but instead of being gray and red in color, they have a very dark, green body with splotches of a lighter green resembling a camouflage pattern, and the cord on their backs is light blue. One of R.O.B.'s alternate costumes is very similar to this color scheme, but the cord has a different color. They fire missiles at the player, which can be very annoying if left alone, as the missiles track you and deal 21% damage per hit (without stickers). The missiles cannot be absorbed (which can be expected, as they are physical projectiles). If this R.O.B. Squad member is destroyed, any missiles it has fired will continue in a straight path, rather than continuing to track you or simply falling. They are arguably the toughest type of R.O.B enemies found in the game.

R.O.B. Launcher also appears as a trophy. To obtain it, the player must throw a Trophy Stand at a R.O.B. Launcher.

Trophy Info

R.O.B. Launcher Trophy

R.O.B. Launcher as a trophy.

An upgraded R.O.B. model with a missile-launcher head that bolsters firepower. The standard coloring has also been refinished with a green and brown military motif, stylishly accented with a blue cord connecting the arm sections and base. This R.O.B. does not use its arms--attacks are limited to the missiles fired from its head.