Quick Draw (居合い斬り Iai kiri, lit. "Drawing Cut") is Ike's Side Special move. Ike lunges forward a short distance across the stage and slashes at any enemy within range of the dash.


The move can be executed very quickly, making it one of Ike's fastest moves. The charge stance can be held indefinitely. If the move does not connect, it has very low ending lag, giving Ike a chance to follow up with a different attack. This move can also be used while off the stage to give Ike significant horizontal recovery, as it travels half the length of Final Destination uncharged to nearly the entire length fully charged. It should be noted that the dash stops at platform edges, preventing one from accidentally SDing. Also, after using it in the air, Ike is left in a Helpless state.

Quick Draw's high priority allows it to negate or counter many grounded approaches, such as various Dash attacks, Meta Knight's Drill Rush, or Sonic's Spin Dash. In Brawl, if used in midair Ike becomes helpless once the move either ends its run or it hits something damageable (such as opponents, Pikmin, Snake's Remote Missile, Waddle Dees, stage elements, etc.). This makes it easy for edge-guarders to intercept, and it also makes it impossible for Ike to use both Quick Draw and Aether in the same recovery, making his overall recovery extremely predictable. However this was changed in changed in smash 4, allowing Ike to use Aether immediately after Quick Draw if it connects with a opponent or damageable object. It should be noted that when using Quick Draw to recover and aiming for the ledge, be sure to give Ike some vertical spacing, as he is still affected by gravity during the dash, unlike moves such as Fox Illusion or Falco Phantasm.

Ike's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Eruption
Side Special Quick Draw
Up Special Aether
Down Special Counter
Final Smash Great Aether

Custom Variations

With customizations, Quick Draw can become Close Combat or Unyielding Blade.

Close Combat

Close Combat makes a faster forward lunge that ends with a body blow that launches foes.


  • Fast on the ground
  • Good distance on the ground
  • Launches into the air, can start combos


  • Less horizontal distance in the air
  • Slower in the air
  • Few moves can combo out of it or into it

The Close Combat custom variation is poor for recovery; it travels fast and far on the ground but moves slowly and covers little distance when used in the air. It launches opponents upwards, allowing for potential combos, but there aren't too many moves that can combo out of it as the move's ending lag gives opponents opportunities to DI or jump out of danger. The move doesn't combo out of anything and the few moves that can combo out of it are up aerial, neutral aerial, up tilt, and up smash.

Unyielding Blade

Unyielding Blade grants super armor during the charge and lunge, but the lunge is slower and shorter.


  • Possesses super armor while charging and while attacking


  • Super armor goes away if charged for too long
  • Slow movement
  • Covers short distance both on the ground and in the air

The Unyielding Blade variation can not be interrupted during the attack because it has Super Armor frames; it also has Super Armor while Ike is charging up the move, but if charged for too long the Super Armor will go away. It moves slowly and doesn't go very far on the ground or in the air, which makes it a poor recovery option as well, although if close enough to the stage the move can be used for recovery and the Super Armor used to prevent Ike from being gimped by opponents.

Ike's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Tempest Furious Eruption
Side Special Close Combat Unyielding Blade
Up Special Aether Drive Aether Wave
Down Special Paralyzing Counter Smash Counter
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