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A Quark Mine.

Quark Mine is a trap in the Subspace Emissary. Quark mines appear as floating black mines with green markings. Like Jyks, they either sit in one place or move in a predictable pattern. However, when touched or attacked by a character, they violently explode. This explosion can set off a chain reaction and has very high KO potential. A Quark mine can be defeated, as opposed to Jyk. A Quark mine's green markings turn magenta and make a beeping noise when approached by a character as a warning. Quark mines often appear in large groups, which makes them harder to avoid. However, this can mean a single projectile will destroy the whole chain. Non-damaging attacks such as F.L.U.D.D. does not affect them.

While most Quark mines sit still or move in lines or circles, one batch in The Subspace Bomb Factory can "fling" themselves at characters that land on nearby platforms.

The easiest way to destroy a Quark Mine to use a projectile (preferably controlable) from a distance to blow it up. Using a counterattacking move is also effective, as players do not get hit by the Quark Mine while players use the move. In this case, Toad is the most effective counter move for this job, since the spores the Toad releases can blow up other Quark Mines in the process.

Quark Mine

Quark Mines act as obstacles in the Subspace Emissary.

Most Quark mines are found on the Isle of Ancients, in the Research Facility, and in the Subspace Bomb Factory, while others can be found in The Wilds, on the Halberd, and throughout The Great Maze.