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Pyra and Mythra are playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and are collectively the fourth fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 2 and the tenth downloadable character overall. Their inclusion as a playable character was revealed on February 17, 2021.

They are expected to release sometime in March 2021. They are classified as Fighter #79 and #80, respectively.

Known information


  • Much like Zelda and Sheik prior to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Pyra and Mythra can switch into each other very quickly, acting as a two-in-one fighter, though how they can do so currently remains unknown. Much like other transforming fighters, the two have differing movesets and, potentially, different stats as well.

General Moveset

Special Moves


  • Flame Nova: Presumably her Standard or Down Special Move. A move that functions very similarly to Young Link and Toon Link's versions of Spin Attack, though this attack inflicts fire damage as the Aegis is engulfed in flames.
  • Prominence Revolt: Her Up Special. It functions identically to Mii Swordfighter's Stone Scabbard, where Pyra will perform a jumping slash straight upwards then stab straight back down.
  • Blazing End: Presumably her Side Special. Pyra will throw the Aegis in front of her in a straight line, which will then suspend in the air for a brief time period and spin, dealing multiple hits.
  • Final Smash - Burning Sword: Rex will appear and perform a wide slash to trap opponents. A cutscene will then play where the two will combine their blades together to increase its range and slash at the caught opponents, which will then summon a large pillar of flame.


  • Lightning Buster: Presumably her Neutral Special. A chargeable move; if fully charged, Mythra will violently slash the Aegis in front of her five times.
  • Photon Edge: Presumably her Side Special. It functions identically to Sephiroth's Octaslash, where Mythra will move forward will teleporting in six different directions, slashing each time she teleports.
  • Ray of Punishment: Her Up Special, which starts off with a jumping slash straight upwards, but Myhtra will hover in the air and fire four small energy-based projectiles from the Aegis in a downward angle and fan-like spread before falling back down.
    • Chroma Dust: What appears to be an aerial version of Ray of Punishment, where Mythra will only shoot out the projectiles.
  • Foresight: A more mobile version of Shulk's Vision, where Mythra will evade the attack by dashing forwards or backwards if successfully triggered.
  • Final Smash - Sacred Arrow: Rex will appear and perform a wide slash to trap opponents. A cutscene will then play where the two will summon a rain of energy-based shots directly above opponents and then ending with a blast from Rex's sword.


  • Some of Pyra and Mythra's taunts will summon Rex to cheer them on much like Joker's taunts that summon Morgana.




  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the first:
    • Two-in-one fighters to be DLC
    • Two-in-one fighters to share a voice actor
    • Two-in-one fighters to have two different Final Smashes
      • They are also the first non-fighting game characters to have multiple Final Smashes
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the second:
    • Fighters to also be Spirits in the base game, succeeding Min Min
    • Exclusively female DLC character for Ultimate, also succeeding Min Min
    • DLC duo, following Banjo & Kazooie.
    • Characters whose reveal trailer is made within its game of origin, following Byleth
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the third:
    • First-party DLC characters, following Byleth and Min Min
      • All three of which coincidentally also made their debuts on Nintendo Switch
    • Characters to have two splash arts in their reveal trailer, following Byleth and Steve.
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the fourth DLC characters to come from an already-represented universe, following Piranha Plant, Byleth, and Sephiroth
  • Both characters' designs in Ultimate have been greatly altered from their original, more revealing versions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2; this was done as to keep within the game's Everyone 10+ (E10+) rating.
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