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Pyra and Mythra are playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and are collectively the fourth fighters in Fighters Pass Volume 2 and the tenth downloadable character overall. Their inclusion as a playable character was revealed on February 17, 2021.

They were released on March 4, 2021. They are classified as Fighter #79 and #80, respectively.



  • Much like Zelda and Sheik prior to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Pyra and Mythra can switch into each other very quickly through their Down Special, acting as a two-in-one fighter.
    • Just like the Pokémon Trainer, players can select who they want to start with on the Character Select Screen.
  • As the two act as the same character, they are treated as semi-clones; they have the the same regular attacks but with very different stats and unique Specials. Pyra's regulars are very strong and powerful but it consequently makes her slow, while Mythra is very fast with a focus on racking up damage and combos.
  • Exclusive to Mythra is an ability called Foresight. Similar to Bayonetta's Bat Within, it is an evasive maneuver where the damage Mythra receives from the attack will be reduced by half, along with giving her the ability to dash left or right.

General Moveset

  • Jab: A punch followed by a sideways swing and upwards slash of the Aegis.
    • Flurry Attack: For Pyra, a flickering flame. For Mythra, a series of sparkles. Both end in an explosion.
  • Grab: For Pyra, she will grab the opponent with a flamed hand. For Mythra, hers will be engulfed in sparkles.
    • Pummel: For Pyra, she inflicts bursts of flame. For Mythra, she inflicts explosive sparkles.
  • Edge Attack: Slashes the Aegis in front of themselves
  • Floor Attack: Slashes the Aegis around them
  • Dash Attack: A running upward swipe of the Aegis.
  • Aerials:
    • Neutral Aerial: Spins the Aegis in front of them in a similar manner to Pit's, Dark Pit's, and Byleth's Neutral Aerials. For Pyra the attack will only hit once, while for Mythra it will hit multiple times.
    • Up Aerial: An overhead somersault slash of the Aegis similar to most sword users
    • Forward Aerial: A spinning reverse slash of the Aegis
    • Back Aerial: Swings the Aegis upwards while flipping
    • Down Aerial: A downward facing slash of the Aegis in a similar manner to Marth's and Lucina's Down Aerial. For Pyra, hers can Meteor Smash.
  • Tilts:
    • Up Tilt: An overhead slash of the Aegis.
    • Side Tilt: A reverse cleave of the Aegis. Slightly moves them forward.
    • Down Tilt: A low sweep of the Aegis much like Link's Down Tilt
  • Throws:
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Up Smash: Spins the Aegis over their head. Much like the Neutral Aerial, Pyra's hits once while Mythra's hits multiple times.
    • Side Smash - Smash Flare: A wide forward slash of the Aegis. For Pyra, the move will engulf the Aegis in flames much like Roy's Sword of Seals and trigger an explosion. Slightly moves them forward.
    • Down Smash: A low pirouette attack with the Aegis and their foot.

Special Moves


Pyra's Special Moves
Standard Special Flame Nova
Side Special Blazing End
Up Special Prominence Revolt
Down Special Swap to Mythra
Final Smash Burning Sword


Mythra's Special Moves
Standard Special Lightning Buster
Side Special Photon Edge
Up Special Ray of Punishment / Chroma Dust
Down Special Swap to Pyra
Final Smash Sacred Arrow

On-screen Appearance

Idle Poses





  • In Pyra's Up Taunt, Rex will say "Go, Pyra!" (in Japanese, he will simply shout her name excitedly). Pyra can be heard giggling while waving at him.
  • In her Side Taunt, Pyra will say "You'll get burned". It recreates her idle animation from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as well as being a reference to the Campfire cutscene.
  • Pyra will let out a battle cry in her Down Taunt.


  • In Mythra's Up Taunt, Rex will say "Come on, Mythra!" (in Japanese, he will simply shout her name excitedly). Mythra can be heard giggling while waving at him.
  • In her Side Taunt, Mythra will say "Prepare yourself", which is one of the battle quotes she can say before using Photon Edge in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  • In her Down Taunt, Mythra will say "Think you can take me?", an infamous battle quote Ardanian Soldiers often say in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so much so that it has become a meme within the fandom.

Victory Screens


  • For the first screen Pyra will say "We did our best!", while Rex exclaims "Nice one, Pyra!". In Team Battles with 3 or more members, Rex will not appear for this pose.
  • Pyra and Rex will do a battle cry together for their second screen, in which the pose they do is the one they enter in when performing Burning Sword.
  • Both girls will say " the power of the Aegis!" in unison for the third screen. The final pose Pyra assumes in is the same as her official figurine as well as her Fighter Spirit.


  • For the first screen Mythra will say "Called it", while Rex exclaims "You show 'em, Mythra!". The two slashes she performs are identical to her auto-attack animation in Torna - The Golden Country. In Team Battles with 3 or more members, Rex will not appear for this pose.
  • For the second screen, Mythra will say "Peak form" as she zooms around.
  • Both girls will say " the power of the Aegis!" in unison for the third screen. The final pose Mythra assumes in is the same as her official figurine as well as her Fighter Spirit.

Classic Mode: Shared Destinies

Pyra/Mythra's congratulatory picture

All fighters in Pyra and Mythra's Classic Mode are pairs of characters who are mirrors of each other or the same person, referencing the fact that Pyra and Mythra share the same body. The song "Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Medley" will play during the end credits.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Zelda and Sheik Temple (Battlefield Form) "Ocarina of Time Medley" All items that spawn are either from The Legend of Zelda (Deku Nuts, Cuccos, etc.) or Boomerangs.
2 Samus and Dark Samus Frigate Orpheon "Multiplayer - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" Screw Attacks will be the only item that spawns.
3 Pit and Dark Pit Reset Bomb Forest "Dark Pit's Theme" All items that spawn are from Kid Icarus.
4 Ryu and Ken Suzaku Castle (Omega form) "M. Bison Stage Type A" This match is a Stamina battle, a reference to Street Fighter. No items will appear.
5 Kirby and Meta Knight The Great Cave Offensive "The Great Cave Offensive" All items that spawn are from Kirby.
6 Link (x2) Fountain of Dreams (Omega form) "Great Temple / Temple" This match references the mid-boss battle in the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as one Link will be in the Dark Link palette swap. No items will appear.
7 Bonus Stage
Final Master Hand and Crazy Hand Final Destination "You Will Recall Our Names"

Palette Swaps

PyraMythra Palette (SSBU).png
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (0 Default).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (0 Default).png


Based on their original designs from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (Alt 1).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (Alt 1).png


Based on Pneuma, the true form of the Aegis (known as their Ascended State).
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (Alt 2).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (Alt 2).png


A swap of each other's default colors, which are in turn based on the "Mythra-styled Pyra" and "Pyra-styled Mythra" outfits they can acquire through completing Challenge Mode. Sakurai explains that this can be used for mindgames on one's opponent.
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (Alt 3).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (Alt 3).png


Pyra's is based on the Gormotti cloak she wears during Chapter 2, which is also another outfit she can acquire (named "Disguised Pyra"). Mythra's colors are based on Nia.
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (Alt 4).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (Alt 4).png


Loosely resembles Poppi QTπ, Poppi's third form. Described by Masahiro Sakurai as a "villainous look".
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (Alt 5).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (Alt 5).png


Loosely resembles KOS-MOS's appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Described by Sakurai as "a tricolor, aeronautical aesthetic".
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (Alt 6).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (Alt 6).png


A much more bright and vibrant version of Pyra and Mythra's default color scheme.
SSBU Pyra Stock Icon (Alt 7).png SSBU Mythra Stock Icon (Alt 7).png


Turns Pyra's color scheme to gold, while Mythra's becomes silver.




  • Pyra and Mythra's codenames within the game's files are "flame" and "light", respectively, which are the literal translations of their Japanese names (Homura and Hikari).
    • Uniquely, their fanfare also has a codename, being "element"
  • Both characters' wardrobe designs in Ultimate have been greatly altered from their original, more revealing versions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, this was done as to keep within the game's Everyone 10+ (E10+) rating.
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the first:
    • Two-in-one fighters to be DLC
    • Two-in-one fighters to share a voice actor
    • Two-in-one fighters to have two different Final Smashes
      • They are also the first non-Street Fighter characters to have multiple Final Smashes
    • Fighters to have their reveal trailer not be entirely written by Masahiro Sakurai, as they had it outsourced to Monolith Soft themselves.
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the second:
    • Fighters to also be Spirits in the base game, succeeding Min Min.
    • Exclusively female DLC character for Ultimate, also succeeding Min Min.
    • DLC duo, following Banjo & Kazooie.
    • Characters whose reveal trailer is made within its game of origin, following Byleth.
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the third:
    • First-party characters in the Fighters Pass, following Byleth and Min Min.
    • Characters to have two splash arts in their reveal trailer, following Byleth and Steve.
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively the fourth DLC characters to come from an already-represented franchise, following Piranha Plant, Byleth, and Sephiroth.
  • Pyra and Mythra are collectively one of six characters in Ultimate to have special artwork drawn by their character designer, the other five being Inkling, Joker, Terry, Min Min, and Kazuya.
  • Unlike Pokémon Trainer, Pyra and Mythra:
    • Have separate announcer calls for the Character Select Screen and their victory screens, due to having both of their names being displayed.
    • Can have their individual Stock icons swap on the UI, whereas all three Pokémon share the icon depicting the Trainer's head.
    • Have their Fighter Spirits be separately obtained, as opposed to acquiring both at the same time.
    • Are not fought separately in Spirit Battles.
  • Uniquely, both girls appear on the loading screen before the match (though only for 1-4 player matches).
  • Pyra and Mythra are one of the few fighters to speak a phrase or sentence when KO'd, as they will say "I'm sorry!" and "Seriously?", respectively.
  • In-game files reveal that Mythra's bind pose in an A-pose, she shares this trait with Terry and Byleth. Strangely, Pyra's is the traditional T-pose instead.


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