Puppit (コッコン, Kokkon in Japan) is a Subspace minion in the form of a marionette puppet which first appears in the Forest level. It floats around the stage suspended from piano strings, and slashes at players with its long claws. Although the Puppit itself has fairly low health, its attack, while weak in damage, has good knockback. When the Puppit's eyes flash red, that means that it is about to fire lasers, which can be easily dodged by jumping.


Puppit's name is a corruption of the word "puppet".

It may have been inspired by a similar enemy, which appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Both the Puppets of Twilight Princess and the Puppits in Brawl first appear in a forest-themed level. The Forest is also similar to the Lost Woods, which is the location that Link also drew the Master Sword from its pedestal in Twilight Princess.

Trophy description

A marionette enemy, suspended from above by piano strings. A Puppit proves vicious with long, sharp claws and a mysterious beam emitted from its eyes. You would think, based on the exterior wood pattern, that it's made of wood, but no one is sure. More importantly, who is the one manipulating those piano strings?! What an enemy! Mystery abounds!


  • The trophy's description of puppetteering foreshadows the revelatory cutscene in the Subspace Emissary where it was revealed Master Hand was manipulated by Tabuu in the same manner.
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