ARMS Punch is a move that Min Min uses for her Standard Attack, Side Tilt, Side Smash Attack, Neutral Aerial Attack, Side Aerials, and Standard and Side Special Moves. She has nine different variations whose command inputs differ, but which yield similar results.


Left ARM (A button)

Standard Attack: Basic ARMS Punch (Port)

A simple punch with the left hand. This cannot be used unless you hold the button. Otherwise, Min Min will just perform the Karate Combo, where she performs some kicks.

Side Tilt: Advancing ARMS Punch (Port)

Mapped with the Side Tilt. Min Min moves, which is the sole difference.

Charged Side Smash: Charging ARMS Punch

The Side Smash. Min Min can charge the move for more damaging effects.

Standard Aerial: Flying ARMS Punch

While she does not actually launch the ARMS extendable's "head" away from her as a true projectile as she does this, Min Min does perform the basic version with the left hand in the air.

Forward Aerial: Lunging Flying ARMS Punch

Same as the Advancing ARMS Punch, but Min Min has to be in the air.

Back Aerial: Revolving ARMS Punch

Min Min turns around to punch backwards.

Side Smash Aerials: Charged Flying ARMS Punch

Same as the Side Smash, but the move is in mid-air. Min Min can use this to quickly turn around for the Back Smash Aerial.

Right ARM (B)

Standard Special Move: Stationary ARMS Punch (Starboard)

This version will be used if the player just taps the B button without directional input. Min Min will unleash a punch with the right arm. Kirby, if he copies this attack, can launch the

Side Special Move: Advancing ARMS Punch (Starboard)

This version is similar to the Side Tilt, but with the right arm, thus having slightly more range than the Standard Special Move.

Min Min's Special Moves
Standard Special Punch
Side Special Punch
Up Special ARMS Jump/ARMS Hook
Down Special ARMS Change
Final Smash ARMS Rush