Puff Up is Jigglypuff's Final Smash. When used, Jigglypuff slowly inflates itself to a very large size, enough to almost entirely cover a small custom stage. While growing, enemies and items will be pushed away. Once Jigglypuff reaches its full size, it shouts "JIGGLOO!!!", which causes a massive push that will most likely KO any enemies too close to its body. Jigglypuff then quickly deflates. While Jigglypuff is deflating, touching it causes 18% damage and powerful knockback, similar in power to the push effect. This is in effect until Jigglypuff is back to its original size, making contact dangerous until the final smash ends.

While the move covers a very large range, it loses potency quickly on larger stages, and it has no effect on anything below Jigglypuff. Also, it has the ability to KO teammates even when Friendly Fire is turned off.


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There is also a glitch in the game where the terrain in some stages (mainly Bridge of Eldin) touches Jigglypuff and knocks it out of the move, yet it remains the same size it was when it was forced out of the Final Smash. If Yoshi (or Kirby with Yoshi's ability) uses his Egg Lay on Jigglypuff after this, or Jigglypuff picks up a Super Mushroom, its size doubles, allowing Jigglypuff to become the biggest character in the game. Its size resets when it uses the Final Smash again or gets knocked out. A side effect to the puffing is when you get hit by the bridge and recover, you'll most likely die.



Puff Up does not exist in the main series Pokémon games. Puff Up is most likely based on how Jigglypuff would 'puff' and enlarge itself up with air when angered in the anime, giving it a bigger and more intimidating look (though not to the extent where it becomes enormous like in Smash Bros.).

It is worth noting that several years after Brawl's release, Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced a gimmick known as Dynamax, which allowed the user to assume a gargantuan form for 3 turns. Due to Jigglypuff being cut from the base game (which caused a controversy in the fandom), it was readded in the Isle of Armor DLC expansion pass (akin to Home-Run Contest being cut from Ultimate and getting redadded in a later patch), allowing it to use this ability.

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Puff Up (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Jigglypuff's Final Smash. It wills its body to get bigger and bigger and bigger. It can't move, and it can't attack--all it can do is get bigger while everyone else looks on. However, it's invulnerable, and it overpowers all attacks to gradually push its opponents off the screen. It's a very simple technique, but how it's used determines its effectiveness.


Puff Up (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo and Wii U)

When Jigglypuff uses its Final Smash, it starts to grow bigger. And bigger. And bigger! Before you know it, Jigglypuff will have completely taken over the screen—and there's no way to make it stop. On smaller stages, fighters may find there's nowhere left to stand! At near full size, Jigglypuff will damage and launch anyone it touches.


  • By holding on the special button, Jigglypuff will become bigger.
  • Jigglypuff's size before using the Final Smash affects the size it grows to. In giant mode, it grows to a size where only its face is visible on screen.
  • As a pun on its enormous size, this glitch Jigglypuff is often called "Bigglypuff", "Gigapuff", "Gigalypuff", or "Giga Jigglypuff" by fans.
  • Puff Up is one of the four Final Smashes that can affect a team player. End of Day, Landmaster, and Galaxia Darkness share this trait.
  • If many characters get stuck between Jigglypuff and a wall at once (like Wario), the effects get slowed down.
  • When the glitch is performed, Jigglypuff will still have the strength it had when it was normal sized. It'll also move very slowly, be unable to jump very high, and fall down slowly, all attributes equal to when it was its normal size. This proves that all the glitch does for Jigglypuff is change its size, as the game still acts as if it was its normal size. However, if you roll in any direction, it will have the effect as if you were giant, as you will roll a big distance, so careful with suiciding on stages without edge
  • The attack can be easily avoided by simply hanging off of any ledge. However, if Jigglypuff's foot overlaps the ledge, then that character will still get pushed off.

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Jigglypuff's Special Moves
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Standard Special Pound Rollout
Side Special Pound
Up Special Sing
Down Special Rest
Final Smash Puff Up