Minecraft is the reason Gen Z is becoming so redpilled. Here's some fun things to think about:

Steve: A white male ubermensch who conquers nature and carves it into his own dominion. He builds beautiful structures and ingenious redstone technology.

Zombies: Represent the bugman. Slow, stupid, and outnumber Steve by 100 to 1. They have no ulterior motives beyond consumption.

Creepers: Represent muslims. Not only do they blow themselves up but they are also green which is a color strongly associated with Islam.

Enderman: A tall black man who steals shit and can't swim

Villagers: Big nosed merchants who live in the desert and have their hands constantly rubbed together

Notch saw that Sweden was getting cucked and made Minecraft in collaboration with Pewdiepie in an effort to redpill the Aryan youth

Overall I fucking HATE niggers and I'd like to see them all perish lmao. Be sure to suck my overgrown big long dong sweaty slurpable nigger farm cock while you're at it

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