Propellerpack (フライングバックパック, Flying Backpack) is King K. Rool's Up Special. K. Rool equips a device with a propeller on the top that spins around and lifts him high into the air. The propeller will hit opponents above K. Rool as he rises upwards.


King K. Rool's Special Moves
Standard Special Blunderbuss
Side Special Crownerang
Up Special Propellerpack
Down Special Gut Check
Final Smash Blast-O-Matic


The move originates from Baron K. Roolensteins jetpack in Donkey Kong Country 3. His jetpack consists of a backpack with a propeller on the back that helps the user fly. King K. Rools free-fall animation after the move (him flapping his hands while falling) is also a reference to Baron K. Roolensteins hurt animation when his jetpack is hit with barrels.

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