Mario's fireball is an example of a projectile

Projectile is an attack or other object that operates independently of the character that used it. Common examples of projectiles include the Charge Shot, Blaster shots, and thrown items. Most projectiles can be reflected, while others can also be absorbed.

A majority of characters have at least one projectile attack, while some have two or even three. It is considered a disadvantage to lack a projectile, as they can be very useful in both approaching and camping out opponents' approaches. Projectiles also cause the target to take hitlag while the user does not, which allows a few free frames of action.

As projectiles are (in general) considered indirect attacks, the vast majority of enemies in the Subspace Emissary resist them outside of any weak points they may have - in fact, only Porky, Meta Ridley, and Tabuu do not. Projectiles are also generally special moves executed with the B button, but since Brawl, some characters such as Snake, the Villager, and Mega Man have standard attacks that are projectiles.

Projectiles Used by Fighters

This table includes all non-Final Smash projectiles for every character, as well as some important properties of each. Note that, while a projectile may not be absorbable, that does not exclude the ability to be Pocketed.

A projectile that can neither be reflected nor absorbed can be considered a disjointed Hitbox.

CharacterProjectilesReflectableAbsorbableChargeableUnique/Special Properties
BayonettaBullet ClimaxCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYCan be charged, fires at a slightly upwards angle.
BowserFire BreathCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNSize and length decreases as Bowser continues to breathe, releasing the move slowly recharges it.
Bowser Jr.MechakoopaCheckmarkYX markNX markN
Abandon ShipX markNX markNX markNThe Clown Car becomes a projectile after abandoned.
Clown CannonCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkY
CloudBlade BeamCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCharges up using a different move, Limit Charge, and has transcendent priority when it is charged up.
CorrinDragon Fang ShotCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYInflicts paralysis on opponents it hits.
Dark PitSilver ArrowCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYChargeable and slightly controllable. Can be held for a slightly limited time, and can be aimed up.
Diddy KongPeanut PopgunCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYCan be charged, which increases damage and speed while flattening the movement angle, but charging too much causes the move to fail. Can be grabbed and subsequently thrown as an item.
Banana PeelCheckmarkYX markNX markNProduces a banana peel.
Rocketbarrel Boost (when the barrels come off)CheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYHas a random trajectory. Cannot be shielded.
Dr. MarioMegavitaminsCheckmarkYCheckmarkYSSBM Icon
X markNSSB4 Icon
X markNAffected by gravity, bounces on the ground.
Duck HuntTrick ShotCheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be launched higher and/or farther by pressing B repeatedly. Explodes after a while, or if it hits an enemy.
Clay ShootingX markNX markNX markNThe clay pigeon is shot if the B button is pressed. If hit by an attack (including ones that normally would reflect projectiles), then it breaks automatically.
Wild GunmanCheckmarkYX markNX markN
FalcoBlasterCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNFollows straight trajectory. Causes flinching. The lasers are also used in his up, back and down throws (can also be absorbed and reflected).
FoxBlasterCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNFollows straight trajectory. Does not cause flinching (except in Smash 64). The lasers are also used in Fox's back, down and up throws in Melee and Brawl (can also be absorbed and reflected).
Greninja Water ShurikenCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkY
Hydro PumpCheckmarkYX markNX markNDoes not cause flinching.
Ice ClimbersIce ShotCheckmarkYCheckmarkYSSBM Icon
X markNSSBB Icon
X markNBounces off shields, causing it to travel the other direction. Hugs the ground, following straight trajectory.
BlizzardCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markN 
Joker Gun (bullets) Becomes Gun Special when the Rebellion Gauge is charged.
King DededeInhale (spit-out character)X markNX markNX markNSpits in straight trajectory.
Waddle Dee TossCheckmarkY/X markNCheckmarkY/X markNX markNAffected by gravity, can be angled up or down and shortened or lengthened. Waddle Doos' Beam Whip can be reflected or absorbed, Gordos and thrown items can be reflected, while tossed Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos cannot.
Gordo ThrowCheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be reflected by any attack doing over 2%.
Super Dedede Jump (stars produced)CheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markN 
KirbyInhale (spit-out character and swallow)CheckmarkYX markNX markNThe character that's been turned into a star will be shot out of Kirby's mouth in a straight trajectory in front of him if he spits that character out. If he swallows a character, the star will appear behind him with the same properties but with much shorter range. If reflected and it hits Kirby, he will keep his copy ability, but the swallow animation will stop a few frames earlier.
Final Cutter's shock waveCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNProduces a wave after Kirby touches the ground, hugging it and following a straight trajectory.
May copy another character's neutral special projectile.
LinkBoomerang/Gale BoomerangCheckmarkYX markNX markNTries to return to Link. Can be angled. In Brawl, produces a vacuum effect on return.
BombCheckmarkYX markNX markNProduces a Bomb, which acts as an item. It explodes after 7 seconds, and can deal self-damage. While the bomb itself cannot be absorbed, the explosion it creates can.
Bow/Hero's BowCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYCan be charged, and held forever before releasing. The charge affects the firing speed and distance. Affected by gravity, stops moving when it hits the ground.
Hookshot/ClawshotX markNX markNX markNCan be used for Tether Recovery.
LucarioAura SphereCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYWaves up and down slightly; moves perfectly straight when fully charged. Can be held forever (damages foes who touch the Aura).
Force Palm's auraCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNIn very close distance, acts as a throw instead.
LucasPK FreezeCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYAffected by gravity and can be tilted forward and backwards.
PK FireCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNTravels straight forward and disappears after about 3/8 of the way across Final Destination.
PK ThunderCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNControllable.
LuigiFireballCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNFollows straight trajectory.
MarioFireballCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNAffected by gravity, bounces on the ground.
F.L.U.D.D.CheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYPushes opponents and does no damage. Can be tilted up and down.
Mega ManNeutral attackCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNFires up to three shots.
Forward smashCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYTravels a short distance.
Up Air AttackCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNPushes opponents upwards, or downwards if reflected, and doesn't make them flinch.
Down Air AttackCheckmarkYX markNX markNMeteor Smashes opponents when sweet spotted.
Metal BladeCheckmarkYX markNX markN
Crash BomberCheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be passed from player to player much like a Gooey Bomb.
Leaf ShieldCheckmarkYX markNX markN
MewtwoShadow BallCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYHuge recoil when used fully charged. Waves up and down slightly. Can be held forever (In Melee, damages foes who touch the ball during charging). Small Shadow Balls are launched during Mewtwo's forward throw (which can also be absorbed).
DisableCheckmarkYX markNX markN 
Mii BrawlerShot PutCheckmarkYX markNX markN
Mii GunnerForward aerialCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markN
Charge BlastCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkY
Laser BlazeCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markN
Grenade LaunchCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkY
Flame PillarCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markN
Stealth BurstCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYReflectors cannot affect the projectile as it is travelling, but they will reflect the explosion.
Gunner MissileCheckmarkYX markNX markN
Lunar LaunchX markNX markNX markN
Bomb DropCheckmarkYX markNX markNDetonates instantly upon contact with an opponent
Mii SwordfighterGale StrikeCheckmarkYX markNX markN
Shuriken of LightCheckmarkYX markNX markN
ChakramCheckmarkYX markNX markN
Mr. Game & WatchChefCheckmarkYCheckmarkYSSBM Icon
X markNSSBB IconSSB4 Icon
X markNRandom trajectory. In Brawl, the projectiles created by Kirby copying this move can be absorbed, unlike the Mr. Game & Watch version.
NessPK FlashCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYAffected by gravity and can be tilted forward and backwards.
PK FireCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNCreates gravity-affected fire pillar on impact, trajectory changes when used in midair.
PK ThunderCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNControllable.
OlimarAll of Olimar's Pikmin attacks - namely, his smash attacks, directional aerials, grabs, throws, Pikmin Chain, and Pikmin Throw - are considered projectiles due to the Pikmin being the active object, not Olimar.
Pac-ManBonus FruitCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYEffects change depending on the object thrown.
Fire HydrantCheckmarkYX markNX markNReflectable while airborne. Water produced by the hydrant is also reflectable.
PeachToadCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNThe spores produced on a successful counterattack are projectiles.
VegetableCheckmarkYX markNX markNProduces a vegetable item, and rarely Bob-ombs, Mr. Saturns, or Beam Swords.
PichuThunder JoltCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNCauses 1% recoil damage. Hugs the stage.
ThunderCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNCauses 3% recoil damage if the bolt hits Pichu.
PikachuThunder JoltCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNHugs the stage, can travel up walls, along ceilings, and below the edge (except in Super Smash Bros.). Has diagonal trajectory in the air.
ThunderCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNCannot go through platforms above Pikachu.
PitPalutena's ArrowCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCan be held for a limited time, and be aimed upward.
Pokémon TrainerFlamethrower (Charizard)CheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNCan be tilted up and down. Can be held forever, but fire length gradually decreases.
Rock Smash fragments (Charizard)CheckmarkYX markNX markN 
Bullet Seed (Ivysaur)CheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be held for limited time.
Razor Leaf (Ivysaur)CheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be tilted up and down, but trajectory is fairly random.
Water Gun (Squirtle)CheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYWhen charged, pushes opponents and does no damage unless uncharged. Can be tilted up and down.
R.O.B.Robo BeamCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCan reflect off surfaces at certain angles, can be tilted up and down. Charges automatically.
GyroCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYProduces a Gyro item.
RobinElwindCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNCan meteor smash opponents.
Thunder MagicCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYProperties change depending on charge level.
ArcfireCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNBursts into a column of flame on impact.
RosalinaLuma ShotCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYWhen distanced, Luma can be called back.
Star BitsCheckmarkYX markNX markN
RyuHadōkenCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNA slow, blue energy projectile. True Hadōken is larger and deals more damage. Shakunetsu Hadōken is orange, fiery, and deals multiple hits.
SamusCharge ShotCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYFollows straight trajectory; chargeable. In Super Smash Bros., it can go on for an infinite distance. In Melee and Brawl, it will disappear if it doesn't hit anything for a few seconds.
MissileCheckmarkYX markNX markNCan fire a homing missile or super missile.
BombCheckmarkYX markNX markNDetonates either instantly upon contact with an opponent (Melee/SSB) or after a set period of time (Brawl).
Grapple BeamX markNX markNX markNCan be used for Tether Recovery.
SheikNeedle StormCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYCan be tilted up and down. Can be charged forever, but only six needles can be held and fired.
VanishX markNX markNX markNConsidered a projectile because the explosion and hitbox do not follow Sheik.
Burst GrenadeCheckmarkYX markNX markN
SnakeHand GrenadeCheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be picked up, grenade itself does not cause flinching and can be tilted forward and backwards (when tilted backwards it will fall next to Snake). Can also injure the user. Detonates after few seconds. Does not explode on contact.
Remote MissileCheckmarkYX markNX markNControllable. Shielding against it makes the user lose control of its trajectory.
Cypher (once let go of)CheckmarkYX markNX markN 
Up smashCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkY 
Down smashX markNX markNCheckmarkY 
C4X markNX markNX markN 
TauntCheckmarkYX markNX markNAffected by gravity. Can be picked up by opponents (while Snake is still inside of it), though only Donkey Kong can move around while holding it.
SonicSpring Jump (aerial usage)X markNX markNX markN 
Toon LinkBowCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYCan be charged, and held forever before releasing. The charge affects the firing speed and distance.
BoomerangCheckmarkYX markNX markNTries to return to Toon Link. Can be angled.
BombCheckmarkYX markNX markNProduces a bomb item. Explode after a few seconds. Can damage the user. While the bomb itself cannot be absorbed, the explosion it creates can.
HookshotX markNX markNX markNCan be used for Tether Recovery.
VillagerForward SmashCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYDrops a bowling ball.
Forward aerialCheckmarkYX markNX markNFires a slingshot pellet.
Back aerialCheckmarkYX markNX markNFires a slingshot pellet.
Dash AttackCheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be used on-stage to hit opponents off-stage.
Lloid RocketCheckmarkYX markNX markNOnly Villager can ride it which deals more damage. If reflected and Villager is still riding on it, Villager can chose to get off or take the damage. Because a ridden Lloid Rocket deals more damage, Villager experience more knockback and may be KO'd at mid percents.
Timber (cut tree)CheckmarkYX markNX markN
WarioWario Bike (once dismounted, can be thrown)CheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be destroyed (resulting in two tires that can also be picked up and thrown in Brawl).
Wii Fit TrainerSun SalutationCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYAlso heals the user when fully charged. Can be absorbed immediately after charging is finished.
HeaderCheckmarkYX markNX markNShoots a soccer ball at a downward angle; acts as a melee attack in close ranges.
WolfBlasterCheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markNFollows straight trajectory; acts as a melee attack in close ranges.
YoshiEgg ThrowCheckmarkYX markNX markNCan be tilted forward, backwards, up and down (when tilted backwards the egg will go next to Yoshi). Holding down the special button will make the egg travel further.
Yoshi Bomb (stars)CheckmarkYCheckmarkYX markN 
Young LinkBowCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkYCan be charged, and held forever before releasing. The charge affects the firing speed and distance.
BoomerangCheckmarkYX markNX markNTries to return to Young Link.
BombCheckmarkYX markNX markNProduces a bomb item. Explode after some seconds. Can damage the user.
HookshotX markNX markNX markNCan be used for Tether Recovery.
ZeldaDin's FireCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYReflectors cannot affect the projectile as it is travelling, but they will reflect the explosion.
Phantom SlashCheckmarkYX markNCheckmarkY
Zero Suit SamusParalyzerCheckmarkYCheckmarkYCheckmarkYStuns opponent in place. Chargeable for a limited amount of time.

Characters without projectiles

The following characters currently lack projectiles.

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