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*Easily edgeguarded due to laggy Up+B
*Easily edgeguarded due to laggy Up+B
*Not alot of % damaging moves
*Not alot of % damaging moves
*Gets Star KO'd very easily
*Gets Star KO'd very easily because of her weight
*Few, if any, combos
*Few, if any, combos

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Zelda is one of the more unique characters in the lineup for SSBM. From the popular Legend of Zelda series, particularly Ocarina of Time, Zelda has been known to use her magic to help her fight with Link against Ganondorf as she wields the Triforce of Wisdom. In the game, she puts her magic to good use, from creating explosive blasts to wielding a defensive barrier and even transforming herself all together into her alter ego, Sheik. Though a bit on the slow side, Zelda has powerful knockback attacks that can send any opponent flying. She's also very floaty, so defeating her vertically usually isn't much of a challenge. She has excellent recovery, if not somewhat a loss of control due to the lack of DI if her exit point is in midair. Her ability to transform into Sheik helps balance her overall weaknesses, and ideally, one would change between the two in a match to mix up the flow of battle. However, of the two, Sheik is far more popular in usage, and one rarely uses Zelda at all.

Despite this, Zelda does have her good points, her most powerful one being the Lightning Kick. (Some have dubbed this simply "The Kick," or even "The Toe".) She does fairly well against fast fallers due to throwing potential and "kicking" finishers. The most important point with Zelda is to wait patiently and look for openings, then move in and hit hard.

Pros & Cons


  • Good distance on recovery
  • Good at juggling fast falling characters
  • Powerful knockback moves
  • Great aerial moves
  • Fastest down smash in the game
  • Very unpredictable is used well


  • Slow and lacks jumping power
  • Easily edgeguarded due to laggy Up+B
  • Not alot of % damaging moves
  • Gets Star KO'd very easily because of her weight
  • Few, if any, combos
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