Power Thrust, also called Gale Cut (ジェットスタブ), is one of Mii Swordfighter's Down Special Moves. Mii Swordfighter Quickly dashes forward, slashing any opponent in its path. Charging the move increases its range. In air, it goes diagonally down. It functions similarly to the Falcon Kick because of the different angles it goes in depending on where it is used.



  • Good damage and launch
  • Moves quickly


  • Landing lag when used in the air
  • Can SD if used off-stage
  • Does not move forwards as far when used on the ground

Power Thrust is for fans of the Wizard's Foot and Falcon Kick, moving forwards on the ground and at a slight angle downwards when used in the air. It has good damage and launch on it when it connects. It does not have as much range when used on the ground as opposed to the air. The greater distance when used in the air can be harmful if used off-stage, causing Mii Swordfighter to SD. The move also has some landing lag upon impacting the ground when used in the air. Overall Power Thrust is a good move for players that like to quickly approach an opponent with an attack.

Mii Swordfighter's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Gale Strike
Shuriken of Light
Blurring Blade
Side Special Airborne Assault
Slash Launcher Gale Stab
Up Special Stone Scabbard
Skyward Slash Dash
Hero's Spin
Down Special Blade Counter
Reversal Slash
Power Thrust
Final Smash Final Edge
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