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Zerosuit samus FS

Zero Suit Samus using her Final Smash

Power Suit Samus (known as Crystal Flash for Metroid fans) is Zero Suit Samus' Final Smash. She radiates energy, dragging in items and enemies towards her while damaging anyone close enough, then somehow regains her suit. Enemies are given 25-26% damage each in the spin and an extra 10% right when she regains her suit. Speculation suggests that it is similar to the "Crystal Flash" technique from Super Metroid. It is the least damage dealing Final Smash next to Jigglypuff's and Peach's.

The attack if it pulls the enemy in hits with high knockback

Trophy Info

Zero Suit Samus's Final Smash. Samus loses her Power Suit when she fires the Zero Laser, but she can restore it--that is, she can return from her Zero Suit form to her familiar armored form. That being said, Zero Suit Samus is very quick with great reach, so there are tactical reasons to fight as is. If that's your preference, don't pick up any Smash Balls.

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Her Final Smash (around 0:48)

Zero Suit Samus's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Paralyzer
Side Special Plasma Whip
Up Special Plasma Wire Boost Kick
Down Special Flip Jump
Final Smash Power Suit Samus Gunship Zero Laser
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