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[[Category:Side Special Moves]]
[[Category:Side Special Moves]]
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[[Category:Pac-Man universe]]
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Pac-Man using the Power Pellet

Power Pellet is Pac-Man's Side Special Move. Pac-Man creates a chain of Pac-Dots, transforms in to his 8-bit form and starts eating them.


If there are opponents in his path, they will take damage. The path can be influenced by controlling the direction with the Control Stick, in the end, there is a Power Pellet, if Pac-Man eats it, he will become bigger, stronger and faster, dealing higher damage. The move is also good as a horizontal and even somewhat vertical recovery, as Pac-Man does not fall into helplessness after using it. If Pac-Man is hit when he is creating the chain, the Power Pellet will fall and appear in the ground, if someone grab it, the Pellet will recover some health.

Custom Variations

Distant Power Pellet

Long-Range Pellet

Pac-Man using the Distant Pellet.

This Custom Move gives Pac-Man a greater distance when using the Power Pellet.

Enticing Power Pellet

Pull Power Pellet

Pac-Man using the Enticing Power Pellet.

The second Custom Move will make the Pellet pull other opponents when Pac-Man is creating the chain, however, the move doesn't go as far and takes longer to create.

Pac-Man's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Freaky Fruit Lazy Fruit
Side Special Distant Power Pellet Enticing Power Pellet
Up Special Power Pac-Jump Meteor Trampoline
Down Special On-Fire Hydrant Dire Hydrant

Pac-Man's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Bonus Fruit
Side Special Power Pellet
Up Special Pac-Jump
Down Special Fire Hydrant
Final Smash Super Pac-Man

Trophy Description

Power Pellet

These round, flashing items are found in all four corners of the stage. When PAC-MAN eats one, the normally fearsome ghosts turn blue and run off--that's PAC-MAN's cue to take them out. In Smash Bros., PAC-MAN eats a Power Pellet with his side special, sending him rushing in the direction he was facing.

  • Arcade - PAC-MAN (1980)
  • Arcade - PAC-LAND (1984)
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