Power Geyser is one of Terry's super special moves. Terry will punch the ground, and a burst of energy will erupt upwards in front of him. In a first for the Smash Bros series, this move (along with Buster Wolf) can only be inputted through a specific command input, and only when Terry's damage meter is at 100% or more (or his health is less than a third in Stamina Mode) which will cause the "GO!" sign to flash on screen. The command input is: ↓ ↙ ← ↙ → + Attack or Special button or ↓ ← ↓ → + Attack or Special. However, this move will still work with slightly different commands, like ↓ ↙ ←→. The main idea is the command starting with inputs in the opposite direction than desired and ending with a single input in the right direction.

Terry Bogard's Special Moves
Standard Special Power Wave
Side Special Burning Knuckle/Crack Shoot
Up Special Rising Tackle
Down Special Power Dunk
Super Special Power Geyser/Buster Wolf
Final Smash Triple Wolf


After the command is inputted, Terry will immediately punch the ground and the geyser will appear. Anyone hit by the geyser takes 31% damage and receives heavy knockback. It has short horizontal range but good vertical range and can hit unsuspecting enemies easily, as it's less likely that an enemy will expect you to hit them from beneath a platform or clip them with the very edge of the geyser, that still deals the exact same knockback and damage. This command is considerably easier to input than the Buster Wolf command, making it better for situations where one must act quickly. It is also an excellent combo finisher if paired with the correct moves.


Power Geyser first appeared in Fatal Fury 2 as Terry's Desperation Move. Thus it could only be performed when his health was low enough to cause his health gauge to flash red. Fatal Fury 3 introduced a secret, more powerful version of the move, Triple Geyser, where Terry threw out three of them. Power Geyser has since also been the lynchpin for some of Terry's other super attacks such as High Angle Geyser, which is a Power Dunk leading straight into a Geyser upon landing.