Porygon (Japanese: ポリゴン, Porigon) is a fictional creature in the Pokémon media franchise.

Creature description

Porygon is a somewhat small virtual Pokémon in corporeal form with a red-and-blue duck-toy appearance, and a very polygonal appearance. As claimed by in-game Pokédex entries, it is the world's first artificially created Pokémon specie, which scientists finally succeeded in making using the most advanced technologies. It consists entirely of programming code, and it is capable of reverting itself entirely back into program data and entering and moving freely into cyberspace. It is copy-protected, so it cannot be duplicated by copying. It can only perform the basic motions that is in its program. It doesn't breathe, so people are eager to try it in any environment; it is anticipated that it can fly into space safely, but none has managed the feat yet.

Porygon is most notable abroad for featuring in an infamous Pokémon episode entitled "Electric Soldier Porygon", where flashes of color in a "digital world" caused over 600 Japanese viewers to be rushed to hospitals for receiving epileptic seizures. While Porygon itself was not the "culprit" of the seizure-inducing images, Porygon was nonetheless attached with a particularly negative association with one of the Pokémon series' most controversial incidents.

In Super Smash Bros.

As a stage element

Porygon is one of the five Pokémon that can appear out of the central building in Saffron City. It shoots out rapidy and recedes back inside quick, doing large amounts of damage and sends the victims hurtling away.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee

As a stage element

Several large balloons of Porygon (in actuality the 3D model of Porygon used in Pokémon Stadium for Nintendo 64) are among the many floating and bending "platforms" that comprise the Poké Floats stage. They shoot across the stage rather fast.

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