Porky Minch (ポーキー・ミンチ, Pōkī Minchi), also known as Pokey Minch, The Pig King, or King P, is a character that originated in EarthBound. He is described as a self-centered, rotten, and spoiled brat, as well as a bully.

Character description

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In EarthBound

Porky (called "Pokey" in this game) was originally Ness's neighbor. Ness's father had borrowed a lot of money from his family. Aloysius Minch, Porky's father claims that it is around one hundred thousand dollars (though he said it could have been a lot less). Porky also has a little-brother named Picky, and a mother named Lardna. He temporarily joins Ness to find his little brother(who wondered who was the real big brother), whom is sat next to a meteorite. They also find Buzz Buzz, a bee-like creature from ten years in the future to tell Ness that he and three other heroes are said to stop the evil Giygas and the Starmen's plans. He convinces himself that he is not one of the heroes. He eventually joins the Happy Happy cult, with even some of the followers to attack Ness and his friends.

After the cult is disbanded, he and his father start working as business consultants for Mayor Monotoli. Later on, Ness and co eventually find Porky somewhere in the Mayor's huge building. Porky, mistaking Ness's name for Pig's Butt, just has Ness kicked out of the room. He uses the money to live a luxurious life, but steals Monotoli's helicopter when he (Monotoli) is confronted by Ness. It ultimately crashes into Deep Darkness Swamp. He is then not seen until he appears with Giygas, claiming that Giygas led him the whole time and that he serves only the strong and able. He expresses to Ness that Giygas shall destroy the whole universe. He battles Ness in a spider-like machine. After Giygas is destroyed, Porky escapes by time-traveling into another era, but not before taunting Ness one last time. His last message comes through Picky and says, "Come and get me, loser! Spankety Spankety Spankety!"

In Mother 3

Sometime before the events of Mother 3, he creates the Pig Army and creates strange chimeras everywhere throughout Nowhere Island. Before Lucas met him, no one had seen him, so his real identity was a big mystery. Due to a side effect of time-traveling, he had aged a number of years, but has become trapped in his current body. He himself comments that he can be thousands or even tens of thousands of years old when Lucas meets him. His mind, however, doesn't seem to have been aged with him, as his immaturity and cowardice remains the same as in EarthBound.

During the last chapter, he builds New Pork City, claims himself to be the ruler of the world, and relocates the people of Nowhere Island into this highly advanced city. It resembles an amusement park and is filled with pictures of the young Porky, the most notable being a giant statue topped with a crown. The room that leads to his throne room has a boat ride through a museum with things from himself, including the Phase Distorter and his original spider mech, both from EarthBound. Porky is fought in a spider-like machine similar to the one from EarthBound. After defeat, he encapsulates himself and his mecha-bed in the "Absolutely Safe Machine", a completely indestructible device made by Dr. Andonuts which is used as a safe haven for Porky during emergencies. However, Andonuts designed that, upon activation, nobody could enter or exit it, dooming Porky to spend the rest of his life in isolation, never being able to interact with anybody.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

New Pork City is a stage in Brawl. Also, Porky's Theme is, as the name implies, his main song in Brawl.

As a boss

As a one of the bosses of the Subspace Emissary and a high-ranked member of the Subspace Army, a general if you will, he sends Primids to divert him and sends in his giant statue, The Pig King Statue, that soon starts to hunt Lucas down. This statue is indestructible, so Lucas has no choice but to escape now; the giant statue destroys giant containers, barrels, enemies and even metallic buildings. Lucas finally comes to a giant marsh which seems to rescue Lucas as the statue sinks, but it soon respawns.

Lucas then stumbles, and just as the giant statue is about to crush him, someone uses a PK Thunder which causes the statue to tip over, and Ness appears. The statue once again recovers and flies into the air, this time to crush Ness. However, he uses a PK Flash and the statue explodes, revealing Porky Minch himself inside (in his bed-mecha from Mother 3). A battle then ensues. He attacks by running around and by using a variety of lasers, but he is eventually taken down. Porky is brought back by Tabuu to distract the heroes in his maze of different worlds.

Porky's Attacks

  • Porky's walker does a flurry of stabs. It is possible to DI out of it by approaching towards him and jumping above.
  • Porky's walker walks around, which does minor damage.
  • Porky's walker sends out six Porky-Bots from Mother 3 that try to self-destruct at the player. If the player shoots them with a projectile, they trip and explode.
  • Porky's walker jumps up high and tries to land on the player.
  • Porky's walker charges at the player very quickly.
  • Porky's walker creates a ball of energy, which shoots a laser towards the player.
  • Porky's walker hovers up, and tries to attack the player with a lightning bolt. At low HP, he does this three times. Standing on Porky will not dodge the attack, instead increasing the player's chances of a KO, being so close to the upper blast line.

As a trophy

A self-centered, rotten brat who lives next door to Ness. As the events of the game progress, he's rapidly led astray and becomes Giygas's right-hand man. Afterward, he goes missing in time and then reappears in the Nowhere Islands of Mother 3. He leads the Pig Mask Army invasion but is eventually defeated by Lucas and friends.

  • EarthBound (1995)
  • Mother 3 (2006)


  • Despite appearance, the player can actually step on the glass vial and avoid some attacks, while other times, it leaves the player perfectly open to damage, but at this position, the player is capable of attacking the whole time he/she stands up there. Snake can plant mines on Porky that will explode next time he attacks. However, most of the times the characters will slide off quickly. This can, however, cause the Earthquake Glitch to occur.
  • The edge of Porky's cage is sloped, despite appearannce. This can be held as strategic value, and fast-falling attacks(Aether, Stone, Final Cutter) can land on Porky, then slide off, out of range of his legs.
  • The player cannot defeat the statue in gameplay as Ness does in the cinematic.
  • In the North American release, EarthBound, Porky's name was misinterpreted as "Pokey". In Mother 3, various "pig" references (deriving from his intended name) appeared in the game, ultimately leading the original interpretation to be revised to "Porky".
  • Even after Porky is defeated, the player is still vulnerable to any previously deployed Porky-Bots. Failure to take note of this can lead to careless KOs.
  • If the player defeats Porky before he jumps, he will show the first part of his defeat animation, jump and land still inflicting damage, before exploding and flying into the background.
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