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Pocket (しまう/とり出す Store Away/Take Out?) is Villager and Isabelle's Neutral Special Move. They can take in any item or projectile and keep it to use later.


Pocket is a like a cross between Mr. Game & Watch's Oil Panic and a standard Reflector. When Villager presses the Special Move button, he will reach out in front of him. Villager will then be able to grab any item or projectile directly close him or take any item he is holding and appear to put it in his pocket, as it quickly shrinks and disappears. This will not work if Villager already has an item in his pocket. This move has a special kind of vacuum hitbox that will literally "suck" the nearby item, meaning the Villager doesn't need to be directly in front of an item or projectile to grab it. Also, he cannot hold an item indefinitely; after 30 seconds the item will disappear from his pocket. This is not the same case in Ultimate, as it can be held indefinitely.

Pocket works on both solid and energy-type objects. Villager will then have the object stored in him until he decides to use it. Pressing the special move button again will release the object; if the object is a projectile, it will be automatically launched in the direction Villager is facing, and if it is a standstill item Villager will use it. If he is damaged enough, the item will be knocked out of his pocket. If he doesn't grab anything, a sound from the home game when you can't do an action will play. All projectiles the Villager throws back with his standard Neutral Special are 1.9 stronger than the original, however unlike most damage-multiplying reflectors, Pocket resets any damage multipliers when Pocketing, so players cannot continuously Pocket a projectile to build up higher damage output. Villager can Pocket continuously streaming projectiles, like Bowser's Fire Breath, but when he throws it back it will be just a single burst.

If he is already holding an item in his pocket and he is holding an item in his hand, and he uses the move, he will switch it with the previous item, making Villager the only character to be able to hold more than one item at a time, except he cannot hold Poke Balls in his pocket. This technique is useful for Fairy Bottles.

When Villager uses Pocket, it gives some invincibility frames (notable uses seen here), which can be useful when the player is trying to recover. The move is also known for negating Link's Final Smash if timed correctly, but the Villager cannot store it for later use. These invincibility frames also make this move is notable as Villager doesn't need to be facing the item directly, being able even to Pocket items from behind if timed right, as the invincibility frames will allow him to phase through projectiles and proceed to grab them.

Also, the Villager can literally "steal" some items from characters so they cannot use them again until the Villager is KO'ed, which can decrease those character's performance in battle. These include Diddy Kong's Banana Peel, Wario's Bike, R.O.B.'s Gyro, Bowser Jr.'s Mechakoopa, Wii Fit Trainer's Soccer Ball and Pac-Man's Bonus Fruit. However, like all other items the Villager can store, those will disappear after 30 seconds if the Villager does not throw them back; although the Villager can prevent this by pulling the item out and putting back in. This does not happen in Ultimate, and the other characters can still deploy their specials' items while Villager holds one of them.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, newcomer Isabelle also possesses Pocket as her neutral special.

Villager's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Lloid Rocket
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Timber
Final Smash Dream Home
Isabelle's Special Moves
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Fishing Rod
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Lloid Trap
Final Smash Dream Town Hall


In the Animal Crossing games, the player can keep the items they are holding in their pockets. In Animal Crossing, Wild World, and City Folk, the player has 15 slots, but in New Leaf, the player has 16. In the Smash Bros. series, the player only has one.


Isabelle's Special Moves
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Fishing Rod
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Lloid Trap
Final Smash Dream Town Hall

Pocketable Attacks

All items, with the exception of Assist Trophies, Poké Balls, Master Balls, and Smash Ball can be pocketed, whether they are lying on the stage or being used as a projectile. Shooting items' projectiles also count in it.

In Ultimate, an icon is displayed near Villager's or Isabelle's damage when they have pocketed an item:

  • All items are represented as it is. This includes food too.
  • Fire-based projectiles are indicated by a flame.
  • Water-based (pushing effect) projectiles are indicated by a swirl.
  • Electric-based projectiles are indicated by a lightning bolt.
  • Ice-based projectiles are indicated by an ice chunk.
  • Explosive-based projectiles are indicated by a bomb.
  • Slashing-based projectiles are indicated by a slash.
  • Healing items are represented by an apple.
  • All other projectiles are indicated by a jagged bubble.
  • Rush CoilPoison Breath, and Eiha/Eigaon have unique icons, represented as a 'furniture' leaf, poison bubbles, and red swirls, respectively.

The following is a list of character moves that Villager and Isabelle can pocket.

From fighters

Character(s) Moves Notes
Mario Water from F.L.U.D.D Only returns as a single splash.
Young Link
Toon Link
Hero's Bow SSBU Icon.png Link's grounded arrows can also be picked up and thrown.
Bomb SSBU Icon.png Link's bomb doesn't detonate unless struck hard enough, or detonated by Link himself.
Link Beam from side smash Present in SSBU Icon.png only.
Dark Samus
Charge Shot
Missile Includes both homing and super missiles.
Yoshi Egg Throw
Stars from Yoshi Bomb
Kirby Final Cutter
Projectile star from Inhale Present in SSBU Icon.png only.
Blaster's lasers
Lasers from throws Pockets one of the lasers (if multiple are present).
Great Fox's lasers Present in SSB4 Icon.png only.
Thunder Jolt
PK Fire
PK Thunder
Vegetable Includes any variant, and any items obtained from it like Bob-omb or Mr. Saturn.
Peach Peaches from Peach Blossom
Daisy Daisies from Daisy Blossom
Bowser Fire Breath Only returns as a single burst.
Ice Climbers Ice Shot
Blizzard Only returns as a single frost.
Sheik Needle Storm Pockets only one of the needles.
Burst Grenade Doesn't detonate after it is thrown.
Zelda Phantom Slash
Dr. Mario Megavitamins
Mewtwo Shadow Ball
Forward throw's shadow balls Only pockets one of the shadow balls.
Mr. Game & Watch Food from Chef
Up aerial's air puff Present in SSBU Icon.png only.
Forward aerial's bomb
Apples from Judge
Oil Panic's spill Can only be pocketed in SSB4 Icon.png.
Dark Pit
Palutena Bow/Silver Bow
Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer
Wario Wario Bike
Snake Hand Grenade
Remote Controlled Missile
Up smash's shell
Box from taunts
Squirtle Water Gun
Ivysaur Razor Leaf
Bullet Seed Pockets one of the seeds.
Charizard Flamethrower Only returns as a single burst.
Rock Smash Present in SSB4 Icon.png only. Will pocket the debris, not the whole rock.
Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun
Rocketbarrel Pack Only if it has been disarmed.
Banana Peel
Sonic Spring Jump Can only be pocketed in SSB4 Icon.png.
King Dedede Gordo
Stars from Super Dedede Jump
Olimar All Pikmin from Pikmin Throw They don't latch on to the opponents, but will still give set knockback and their type of damage. Will die immediately when returned.
Lucario Aura Sphere
R.O.B Robo Beam Includes both half and fully charged lasers.
Forward and back aerial's slingshot bullets
Dash attack's pot
Villager Items from Timber Includes the cut-down tree, wood piece, watering can's water (returns as a single splash) and the occasional fruit.
Lloid Rocket
Side smash's ball
Mega Man Standard attack and neutral aerial's bullets
Side smash's blast
Metal Blade
Crash Bomber
Leaf Shield
Rush Coil
Down air's fist
Up air's tornado
Wii Fit Trainer Sun Salutation In SSB4 Icon.png, it heals the player when taken out.
Header's soccer ball
Rosalina & Luma Star Bits Pockets one of the star bits. Can only be pocketed in SSBU Icon.png.
Greninja Water Shuriken
Hydro Pump In SSB4 Icon.png, Greninja doesn't get damaged with it.
Substitute Can only be pocketed in SSB4 Icon.png. Includes the Poké-doll and log.
Mii Brawler Shot Put
Mii Swordfighter Gale Strike
Shuriken of Light
Mii Gunner Charge Blast
Laser Blaze
Grenade Launcher
Flame Pillar
Gunner Missile Includes both homing and super missiles.
Blast from Lunar Launch
Bomb Drop
Up and forward aerial's blasts Only pockets one of the blasts from up aerial.
Laser from throws
Palutena Autoreticle Pockets one of the shots.
Pac-Man All Bonus Fruit
Fire Hydrant and its water sprays
Power Pellet Consumes the pellet when taken out.
Pac-Jump trampoline Can only be pocketed in SSB4 Icon.png.
Robin Arcfire
Thunder Includes all forms.
Discarded tombs and Levin Sword
Bowser Jr. Clown Cannon
Duck Hunt Trick Shot
Clay Shooting
Wild Gunman's bullets Includes all varients.
Hadoken Includes both the normal and stronger varients.
Cloud Blade Beam Includes both the normal and Limit Break varients.
Corrin Dragon Fang Shot
Bayonetta Bullet Climax's bullets Includes both charged and uncharged varients. Pockets one of the bullets.
Inkling Splattershot's ink Won't affect Inkling.
Splat Bomb
Ridley Plasma Breath Pockets one of the fireballs.
Holy Water
King K. Rool Blunderbuss
Isabelle Lloid Trap
Piranha Plant Ptooie's spike ball
Poison Breath
Joker Eiha/Eigaon
Hero Frizz/Frizzle/Kafrizz
Kazap's initial lightning bolt Zap and Zapple can't be pocketed as they are disjointed hitboxes.

From stage hazards

Stage Hazard Attacks
Yellow Devil Laser attacks
Ridley SSB4 Icon.png Fireballs

From bosses

Boss Attacks
Master Hand Finger Bullet
Fireball Blitz fragments SSB4 Icon.png
Spike Bowl SSBU Icon.png
Crazy Hand Finger Bomb SSBU Icon.png
Shovel Claw shockwaves
Master Edges SSB4 Icon.png Slicing orbs

Custom Variations



Garden is Villager's Neutral Special Move that can be used via customization. Villager can only pocket items in front of them, but can also put damaging flowers on opponents' heads.


  • Plants a flower on the enemy's head, dealing damage over time.
  • Is great for racking up damage.
  • Is the only form of Pocket that deals damage directly.


  • Very short range for pocketing items; results in often being unable to pocket a projectile or item and getting hit.

Garden does deal damage, as the flower planted on opponents is very useful for racking up damage on them before hitting them with an attack. However, its range is severely decreased and the window is shortened, making it much more difficult for Villager to pocket objects. Villager should not try to pocket something coming from long-range; though he has more time to react, the window for pocketing is very small and he will often not be able to pocket it.

Pocket Plus.

Pocket Plus

Pocket Plus is Villager's other customizable Neutral Special Move. Villager can now pocket items at a wider range, but their effectiveness is decreased.


  • Pocketing range increased, making pocketing easier.


  • Items and projectiles that are pocketed don't deal quite as much damage.
  • Some ending lag on the move.

Pocket Plus has an increased range for pocketing items and projectiles that can prove to be quite useful. Though the projectiles don't deal quite as much damage, this difference isn't noticeable when it is taken into account that the increased pocketing range is better for Villager's defensive game, keeping him safer from incoming items and projectiles. The ending lag isn't much longer than the regular Pocket, so Pocket Plus' strengths possibly outweigh its weaknesses.

Villager's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Garden Pocket Plus
Side Special Liftoff Lloid Pushy Lloid
Up Special Extreme Balloon Trip Balloon High Jump
Down Special Timber Counter Super Timber