Plasma Scream (デストロイビーム, Destroy Beam) is Ridley's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Ridley thrusts forward knocking up to 2 victims onto Samus' Gunship that comes in contact during the attack. Ridley will then fire a jet of plasma as the Gunship floats away, blowing it up creating a huge explosion. This explosion launches opponents when the cinematic ends. If the opponents are above 100% when the cinematic ends, they will be instantly KO’d.


  • At the end of the cinematic, the Gunship can be seen exploding in the background of the stage.

Ridley's Special Moves
Standard Special Plasma Breath
Side Special Space Dragon Rush
Up Special Wing Blitz
Down Special Skewer
Final Smash Plasma Scream