Planet Zebes was a playable stage in the original Super Smash Bros. However, like most other stages, (all of them except Kongo Jungle, Yoshi's Island 64, and Dream Land) it was not seen in Super Smash Bros. Melee. This stage is banned in standard tournaments.

Lay of the Land

Planet Zebes is composed of 4 main platforms, and one small moving one to the right. there is one large platform which is very rough, one level platform at the top, and two platforms on either side that slope at an angle.

Brinstar vs. Planet Zebes

There were a few stages from the original Super Smash Bros. that were heavily modified as opposed to taken out. They were: Sector Z, Planet Zebes, and Mushroom Kingdom 64.
Planet Zebes, now used as the heading for Brinstar, is easily noticable as the inspiration for Brinstar.


The two stages have several things in common, such as:
The music is the same, only slightly remixed
There is still the yellow acid that rises and falls
They are about the same size


There are probably more differences than similarites between the two stages however. Some differences are:
The acid does not have even half the original knockback
the platforms on the left and right-hand sides can be tilted if the fleshy column is destroyed. (this regenerates over time.)
The elevator that used to be on the right-hand side is gone.
There is a group of cell-like objects, that, if destroyed, will split the platform in two.

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