Brinstar is the default Metroid stage that first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. This stage is based after a section of Zebes. This stage has a base platform, two sides held by fleshy stalk-like poles, and a hovering metallic platform. There is another fleshy substance in the middle of the base platform that holds the stage together. The main obstacle is a ocean of acid in the background which occasionally surfaces and will burn opponents. There is also a lone Chozo statue in the background which occasionally gets up and walks around. The fleshy stalk-like poles and substance can be destroyed to separate the platforms and break the stage in half. Also, the mass in the background will writhe in pain when the acid touches it. The Brinstar stage also appears as a starter Melee Stage in Brawl.

Brinstar has many similarities to Planet Zebes of SSB.


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