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Pit (ピット Pitto) is a veteran fighter and starter character from the Kid Icarus series in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. His return to the series was confirmed on June 11th, 2013 during the E3 2013 Nintendo Direct.

Pit currently ranks 32nd on the tier list, shared with Dark Pit. He is, in short, a very balanced character with decent attributes all around - highlights include a good grab game, decent kill moves and a decent recovery. However, this 'decency' holds him back, as he has no standout feature making him a real effective fighter.



  • Is an all-rounded character, which means he can perform well against all types of characters.
  • All normal attacks, except for Up Tilt, have disjointed hitboxes due him using swords.
  • Has excellent recovery, having multiple jumps and Power of Flight.
  • Forward Throw can be used as a KO on ledges at high percentages and other throws can be used for startup combos.
  • Great edgeguarding game thanks to his various multi-hit attacks with high number of active frames.
  • Palutena's Arrow is extremely versatile and can be easily controlled by the player, allowing for excellent edge-guarding and zoning. It can be aimed behind Pit or upwards.
  • Has two reflectors: Guardian Orbitars and Upperdash Arm.
    • Guardian Orbitars can also be used as a short-term barrier as it moves opponents back if they touch them.
    • Upperdash Arm also provides super armor frames while being used, in addition to being a reliable KO move at high percentages.
  • Has many options for edge-guarding. His excellent recovery also allows him to go off the platform to attack opponents attempting to recover and get back on the platform safely.
  • Down Aerial has decent range and speed. It can deal a Meteor Smash if it hits during the middle of the attack (when the blade is at the center).


  • Poor KO options outside of edge-guarding.
  • Down Aerial's sweetspot for Meteor Smash is very hard to land, having a small window of opportunity.
  • Palutena's Arrow has high startup lag, which can result in punishment if the enemy can quickly react to it.
    • In addition, compared to Link and Toon Link's Hero's Bow, Pit cannot hold onto the arrow indefinitely and release it at full charge.
  • Guardian Orbitars and Upperdash Arm have high starting and ending lag, which can result into harsh punishment if used improperly.
  • Upperdash Arm has severe ending lag if used in the air, leaving Pit very vulnerable, and making it a risky option if used for recovery.
  • Guardian Orbitars cannot be held indefinitely, unlike Fox's Reflector; Pit will withdraw them after some seconds.
    • In addition, they can also be broken after receiving enough damage, preventing him from using for a while.
  • Power of Flight doesn't provide any damaging hitboxes, meaning Pit can be vulnerable during its execution.


Pit's stats by Kurogane Hammer.

Pit is an All-Rounder, being good both on defense and offense, and capable of adapting to many situations. He has a good grab game, which complements his moveset oriented towards quick damage racking. His projectile allows him to put pressure on opponents, while his Side and Down Special allow him to maintain a good control of the stage.

Pit's greatest asset is the damage potential of his moves. On the ground he has excellent spacing tools thanks to the range of his Tilts, as well as a few combo starters. Pit's Rapid Jab is a good combo finisher, though the infinite version can follow up into Dash Attack, Up smash, or Forward Aerial. His Forward Tilt is a great spacing tool, his Down Tilt is a quick sweep that is good for combos, and his Up Tilt is great for getting opponents into the air for juggling.

Pit's Smash Attacks are all fast and with good range. Forward Smash is his strongest Smash Attack and a great combo finisher. Down Smash is excellent for edge-guarding and punishing rolls. Up Smash is a great anti-air move and juggle starter, however it can be hard to hit opponents next to Pit.

In the air Pit has moves that cover a wide area but can be difficult to string combos together at higher percentages, however, they have long-lasting hitboxes with multi-hit properties which can sometimes punish air dodges. Neutral Aerial is one of his best aerials, having high number of active frames, good damage, being a great combo tool and edge-guarding move that kills just off the edge at 130% on most characters. Forward Aerial is a good edge-guarding tool and combo move following his Titls, having great range and hitbox sizes. Back Aerial is a great combo finisher and KO move, boasting from being his strongest aerial in terms of knockback. Up Aerial is great for juggling, having low landing lag, which can allow short hop cancels into his other moves, such as Up Tilt. Finally, his Down Aerial is a fast sweep attack, and although it is unreliable as a Meteor Smash, it is useful to intercept anti-aerials. 

Pit's combo moveset is vastly complemented by his grab game. Forward Throw combos into Dash Attack at lower percentages, as well as killing on the edge at higher percentages. Back Throw is great for getting opponents off-stage and can kill near the edge. His Up Throw can combo into Up Aerial, Neutral Aerial, and guided arrow. His Down Throw combos into many of his aerials depending on the opponents' percentage, mostly into Forward Aerial.

Pit's Neutral Special, Palutena's Arrow, is fast, deals some good damage, and is a good combo tool because of its guiding ability. Its speed can make it hard to guide the arrow, so it will definitely take some practice to master the timing and get the accuracy down. The projectile is a good zoning tool and doubles in damage when charged up; if an opponent is recovering low, guide the arrow downwards to hit them; if Pit is spaced from the edge just right when edge-guarding, guiding the arrow down as soon as it is fired will result in the arrow passing just over the edge to hit any opponents trying to snag it. If an opponent tries to jump over the projectiles, guide them upwards to hit the opponent. The arrow can be aimed upwards as well, which can be good for surprising opponents trying to approach from the air. Pit can also reverse the direction he aims the attack in, so he can surprise opponents coming from behind as well.

His Side Special, Upperdash Arm has Super Armor and can also reflect projectiles. It is one of Pit's best kill moves, but unfortunately it does not reliably combo into or out of much because of its starting and ending lag; because of this ending lag, the move should not be spammed or the opponent will be able to dodge and punish it. The move's Super Armor can make it a good horizontal recovery because edge-guard attempts will be left useless and the edge-guarding opponent will also take damage from the attack. Upperdash Arm can also break shields if it connects twice consecutively, though it is best to weaken the shield with other attacks before using this move to break them or the ending lag will get Pit punished.

Pit's Down Special, Guardian Orbitars, are the standard reflecting move; it won't deal damage but will push opponents away a short distance. This move will also block attacks, but it can break if receives enough damage, preventing Pit from using them again for some seconds.

Finally, his Up Special, Power of Flight, is a phenomenal recovery, which can be angled, allowing Pit to recover from nearly anywhere, and also allows him to go deeper for off-stage kills.

However, Pit has some few flaws that hurt his, but not hinder, his potential. His biggest problem is the lack of KO moves, relying mostly on edge-guarding. All his Special Attacks can be easily exploited, mostly his recovery, which lacks damaging hitboxes. With this in mind, Pit players must focus on a more defensive type of game, punishing mistakes with a flurry of combos and frustrating edgeguarding.

Changes from Brawl

Pit received many buffs and nerfs, but was overall nerfed as a character. His Special Moves in particular has been changed, with all but his Neutral Special Move being replaced. Upperdash Arm has KO potential and possesses Super Armor while retaining its use as a reflector. Power of Flight is more difficult to gimp than Wings of Icarus, and can be used even if he is hit. Guardian Orbiters allow Pit to reflect projectiles from both sides. Pit's previously poor grab game was significantly improved.

However, Pit has also received some glaring nerfs. Palutena's Arrow, which was Pit's most versatilte tool in Brawl, is now significantly slower and has less range. His new Special Moves also creates new weaknesses: Upperdash Arm causes Pit to reel if used in the air, Power of Flight cannot be freely controlled, limiting some of its recovering potential, and Guardian Orbiters cannot be used indefinitely. Pit's attacks now have shorter hitbox duration, more lag, and deal less damage.His recovery was nerfed severely due to the aforementioned Power of Flight weakness, lower jumps, and the loss of gliding.

Aesthetically, Pit's design was updated to match his appearance in Kid Icarus: Uprising, with new animations for his dash, sidestep, and roll. Pit is voiced by Antony Del Rio, who voiced him in Uprising. 


  • Slightly heavier than in Brawl.
  • Dash has less ending lag and a slightly different animation.
  • Can no longer glide as the mechanic has been removed.
  • Different animations in many moves, which usually improve his range.
  • Pit's swords flash when he hits an opponent with a sweetspot.

Ground Attacks

  • The third hit of his Neutral Attack can transition between rapid jabs and a finisher. However, the basic three hit combo deals slightly less damage than it did in Brawl. It also has a slightly different animation, having higher reach.
  • Forward Tilt has a different animation, with Pit slashing and then pulling back forcefully rather than a stab. It causes higher knockback but deals less damage and has more ending lag.
  • Up Tilt has a different animation, with Pit kicking in an arc rather than straight up, covers more horizontal range, but has, less startup and ending lag and deals more knockback. However, it deals less damage.
  • Down Tilt has a slightly different animation, with Pit swiping the ground wider, covering more range.
  • Forward Smash second hit has a slightly different animation, with Pit slashing wider, covering more range. It deals more knockback, but less damage.
  • Up Smash deals more knockback, but less damage. Also, the final hit has a different animation, with Pit leaning upwards in a short hop, being is slower, but with higher reach.
  • Dash Attack has a different animation, where Pit spins while hitting with his swords. It deals less damage and has slightly higher ending lag, but has slightly higher reach.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral and Up Aerials have higher range and traps opponents more easily between hits.
  • Forward Aerial has a different animation, which looks similar to his Neutral Aerial, where he spins his swords, but facing forward. It has less startup lag, but higher ending lag and causes less knockback.
  • Back Aerial has a slightly different animation, with Pit stabbing with both swords instead of one. It has higher ending lag.

Grabs and Throws

  • Forward and Back Throws deal slightly higher knockback.
  • Up and Down Throws deal slightly lower knockback.

Special Attacks

  • Palutena's Arrow has higher startup lag, deals much less damage, and charging affects the speed and distance the projectile travels. The arrows also vanish after reaching maximum distance, regardless of how much it is charged. Also, Pit cannot hold the arrows indefinitely; it will automatically shoot once it reaches maximum charge.
  • New Side Special Attack, Upperdash Arm, replaces his old one, Angel Ring. Pit dashes forwards and punches his opponent upwards if it connects, similar to Captain Falcon's Raptor Boost, however without the high ending lag if it misses. Using this move gives Pit few frames of super armor, and causes powerful knockback that can KO, unlike his old one that was just a multi-hit attack with no knockback. When used in midair, it gives him a slight vertical boost when connecting against airborne opponents. Also, like Angel Ring, it can reflect projectiles, however it launches them diagonally.
  • New Up Special Attack, Power of Flight, replaces his old one, Wings of Icarus. While Pit no longer has the ability to fly freely like he could with his previous move, the new one is faster and gives him great reach, however with slightly less control of trajectory, since he soars in a single direction.
  • New Down Special Attack, Guardian Orbitars, replaces his old one, Mirror Shield. It reflects projectiles from both sides, however attacks from enemies can break them, preventing Pit from using the move again for 8 seconds.
  • New Final Smash, Three Sacred Treasures, replaces his old one, Palutena's Army. Rather than being a fullscreen-type, it is now a long-range Final Smash that auto-aims on opponents. It is faster and more powerful in both damage and knockback.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral attack: Slashes three times, spins the blades together back and forth, hitting repeatedly. Interestingly, Pit cannot enter his rapid fire attack by simply holding the "Attack" button, he will only do a three hit combo. However, once he has entered the rapid fire attack, it is necessary only to continue holding 'Attack' to continue it. This means Pit essentially has two different combos depending if the button is tapped or held initially. 11% damage rapid attack: 1% per hit.
  • Dash attack: Small slash forward with one of his blades below, below average knock back. 12% damage.
  • Forward tilt: Thrusts both blades forward causing 12% damage and good knockback.
  • Up tilt: Plants bow into the ground and does a handstand with it, performing two kicks above him, the first comboing into the next. Causes 16% damage.
  • Down tilt: Crouches and swipes blade towards the ground causing 11% damage. Can spike when the foot and blade touch the opponent.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward smash: A weak slash followed immediately by a very strong slash.
    • Uncharged: 5%, 10%. Hit both for 15% damage.
    • Charged: 7%, 14%. Hit both for 21% damage.
  • Up smash: Three quick slashes above his head.
    • Uncharged: 3%, 2%, 8%. Hit all three for 13% damage.
    • Charged: 4%, 3%, 11%. Hit all three for 18% damage.
  • Down smash: Slashes toward the ground in front of and behind him.
    • Uncharged: 12% damage.
    • Charged: 16% damage.

Other attacks

To be added

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Spins both blades together in front of him, hitting multiple times.
  • Forward aerial: Spins his blades in front of him, causing multiple hits of damage.
  • Back aerial: Thrusts both blades behind him. Deals 8% damage.
  • Up aerial: Spins his blades together above his head, hitting multiple times.
  • Down aerial: Slashes anyone underneath him. Deals 10% damage.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel - Knees the opponent in their midsection. A very fast pummel. 2% each hit
  • Forward throw - Holds his opponent in front of him before slashing them away. 10%
  • Back throw - Twirls around with the enemy in tow, slamming them on the ground and launches the opponent backward. 8%
  • Up throw - Does a handstand and kicks the opponent with both feet. 11%
  • Down throw - Slams opponent on the ground. 6%

Special Moves

Pit's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Palutena's Arrow
Side Special Angel Ring Upperdash Arm
Up Special Wings of Icarus Power of Flight
Down Special Mirror Shield Guardian Orbitars
Final Smash Palutena's Army Three Sacred Treasures Lightning Chariot

Pit's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Piercing Bow Guiding Bow
Side Special Interception Arm Quickdash Arm
Up Special Striking Flight Breezy Flight
Down Special Impact Orbitars Amplifying Orbitars


  • Up Taunt: Spins his blades in each hand, then crosses them, saying "Come on!".
  • Side Taunt: Slices at the air, saying "Is that all you got?!".
  • Down Taunt: Floats in the air and poses angelically, looking up.

In competitive play

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Trophy Description



Pit is the captain of Palutena's royal guard. Despite the wings on his back, Pit needs the power of flight from Palutena in order to truly fly. In Smash Bros., he can still get more air than most, with four jumps and a special move that boosts him higher. He has a new reflect move--It protects both sides!

  • NES - Kid Icarus (08/1987)
  • 3DS - Kid Icarus: Uprising (03/2012)

Pit (Alt.)


Pit's side special Upperdash Arm delivers an uppercut so strong, it can send foes flying for a KO. If you miss and fall off the stage, Pit's up special can bring him soaring back. Another of Pit's specials is Palutena Bow, which fires arrows Pit can aim even after they've left the bow.

  • NES - Kid Icarus (08/1987)
  • 3DS - Kid Icarus: Uprising (03/2012)

Pit (Eggplant)

Let's squash a misconception right now--there is nothing worse than being turned into an eggplant. Just lettuce tell you, being hit by an eggplant bomb is humiliating. It leafs you without mushroom to maneuver and also makes you the laughing stalk of your friends.

Other features

To be added

Alternate Costumes




  • Of all the returning veterans from Brawl to Smash 4, Pit received the most changes to his special moves.
  • Pit's moveset has been edited to fit the weapons used in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
    • Additionally, when using Palutena's Guidance Secret Conversations against Palutena, she will mention the removal of Pit's original Final Smash in Brawl, Palutena's Army, by saying "Of course, I won't give you any hints during this battle. And no powers or centurions, either!", referencing how she would aid Pit during his original Final Smash by sending her centurions to attack.
  • Pit's voice has changed since Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He is now voiced by Antony Del Rio, who portrayed him in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  • Pit's gliding mechanics have been cut. This is the same for Charizard and Meta Knight.
  • Pit and Sheik are the only veterans to have two or more of their Special replaced by new ones.


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