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|hometo = [[Toon Link (SSBB)|Toon Link]]<br/>[[Link (SSBB)|Link]]<br/>[[Zelda (SSBB)|Zelda]]/[[Sheik (SSBB)|Sheik]]<br/>[[Ganondorf (SSBB)|Ganondorf]]
|hometo = [[Toon Link (SSBB)|Toon Link]]<br/>[[Link (SSBB)|Link]]<br/>[[Zelda (SSBB)|Zelda]]/[[Sheik (SSBB)|Sheik]]<br/>[[Ganondorf (SSBB)|Ganondorf]]
|availability = [[Unlockable stage|Unlockable]]
|availability = [[Unlockable stage|Unlockable]]
|cratetype = Normal
|brawlsingles = Counter-pick
|brawlsingles = Counter-pick
|brawldoubles = Counter-pick
|brawldoubles = Counter-pick

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Pirate Ship is a stage for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The stage is loosely based on Tetra's pirate ship from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but with many changes. The main setup is a a slightly curved main platform like a boat and two upper platforms, showing the mast of the ship. The surrounding ocean gives players the ability to swim.

All fighters are on a cruising ship which passes along an enemy lookout that fires bombs at the ship. Anyone that comes in contact with the bombs will take heavy damage. Any player that runs into the front of the pirate ship while in the water will be automatically KO'd. The King of Red Lions occasionally makes an appearance by sailing from the right side of the stage. The ship will also run into a small island from time to time, giving players a newly-shaped terrain to fight on. The ship will eventually right itself as the island sinks, forcing players to return to the norm. There is a catapult at the front of the ship that will come up from the deck on occasion. Anyone who is standing on it will be sent flying when it fires.

Another hazard is that a storm will sometimes cause a cyclone to come from the background, throwing the ship high into the sky, eliminating the option to swim around near the ship. The ship will fall back down after a short time and land back in the water. While falling, the players have improved jumping abilities.

Songs in My Music

  • Dragon Roost Island
  • The Great Sea
  • Tal Tal Heights
  • Song of Storms
  • Gerudo Valley
  • Molgera Battle
  • Village of the Blue Maiden
  • Termina Field

Songs in bold must be unlocked.


This ship is taken from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, although it is smaller. After Link's sister, Aryll, was kidnapped by the Helmaroc King, Link sailed to the Forsaken Fortress on Tetra's ship to save her. During the trip, he was challenged by Niko, a pirate. This ship came back later in the game during the search for the third Divine Pearl. The pirates stole bombs on Windfall Island, but were forced to a have a rest there because of the cursed sea. Link managed to hear the password, and then came back on the ship to be challenged one more time and then get the bombs. This ship appeared then at the end of the game to rescue both Link and Tetra after they defeat Ganondorf. The ship came back at the beginning and end of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The smaller, red boat that appears in the back is known as The King of Red Lions, which is actually Hyrule's king in disguise. He can talk, and assists Toon Link during the events of Wind Waker.


  • The rain on this stage actually is not rendered in 3D. It is actually just 2D sprites falling in the foreground and background, similar to the Distant Planet stage. To see this, pause the game and tilt the camera.
  • The King of Red Lions is larger than he originally was in The Wind Waker, and the sail is on the outside edge of the boat, rather than inside it.
  • When falling from the cyclone, King Dedede can avoid battle by using his Up B recovery, allowing him to avoid the battle for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • In The Wind Waker, Tetra's ship had only one platform on the mast, not two.
  • The enormous cyclone that occasionally appears is derived from the power used by the half-god of wind, Cyclos. It may also refer to the The Wind Waker song, Ballad of Gales, which was needed to warp around the Great Sea.
  • The front of the ship in the water will instantly spike a character down through the lower blast line, resulting in a Self-Destruct. However, this does not happen with the King of Red Lions. An interesting fact is that if Ivysaur uses Vine Whip and the momentum causes him to swing towards the prow, he will swing directly into it and be instantly KOd.
  • While invincible, a character can go under the ship without dying. This means that the boat itself does not kill a character, but knocks them into the lower blast line.
  • It is possible to meteor smash someone through the water if the hit is strong enough.
  • This is the only stage where you can be crushed (not counting the stages in The Subspace Emissary). This can be done by standing between the ship and the rock.
  • The ship is quite a bit smaller than it was in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.
  • If a Rolling Crate is inserted between the rock and the ship, the game will emit a loud buzzing noise.

Unlock Criteria

Unlock Toon Link.

Trophy Description

Pirate Ship Trophy

"A ship commandeered by Tetra that sails to the far corners of the deep blue sea. When Link gets on board, he is challenged with a test given by the pirate underling Niko. In that test, Link must learn to use jumps and rope swinging to get through an obstacle course and reach Niko. If successful, he receives the Spoils Bag and bombs."

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