Pilotwings is a stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is based on the third level of Pilotwings and the main area of Pilotwings Resort, namely Wuhu Island.


Combatants fight atop the wings of a biplane as it flies through the sky over a flat, 2D island. Over the process of the battle, combatants move from the biplane onto a yellow plane as flies towards and over Wuhu Island. There it flies through the yellow circles to gain points. Characters can be damaged by the background parts, such as the boat if they are knocked into it.


This stage originates from both Pilotwings for the SNES and Pilotwings Resort for the 3DS. The red biplane in this stage is from the biplane used in Pilotwings, and the flat, 2D island is the island from Lesson 3 of Pilotwings. The island is also in Lesson 7, however, Lesson 3 takes place in the daytime, while Lesson 7 takes place at sunset. The yellow plane is modeled after the planes used in Pilotwings Resort as it flies towards Wuhu Island. Wuhu Island first appeared in Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort, and is also the main area in Pilotwings Resort. It also appeared in Mario Kart 7 hosting two tracks: Wuhu Loop and Maka Wuhu.

Trophy Description

Light Plane

Back in the day when planes had fairly weak engines, two pairs of wings were used to increase the plane's lift. These planes weren't meant for crazy acrobatic tricks, though--they were best suited for learning the basics of flying. Ride these, and leave the complicated stuff for another day!

  • SNES - Pilotwings (08/1991)


To get to fly a plane around a tropical resort, normally you'd need to study really hard, take a flying test, fail the test, retake the test, get your license, save up for ages, and then go to a tropical island. In Pilotwings Resort, you get to skip those boring parts and experience speeding, turning, and rolling high in the air right away! Woo!

  • 3DS - Pilotwings Resort (03/2011)

Songs in My Music

  • Light Plane
  • Light Plane (Vocal Mix)
  • Turbo Jet
  • Pedal Glider
  • Light Plane
  • Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger
  • ST01: Roll Out, Wonderful 100!



  • This stage has uses the main overworlds from all the Pilotwings games except for Pilotwings 64.
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