For fighter info, see Pichu (SSBM) and Pichu (SSBU).

Pichu (ピチュー, Pichū) is a fictional creature from the Pokémon media franchise, in which it is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. It appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and returns as a character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Creature Description

Pichu is described as small bipedal mouse with an oval-shaped head and large, black, arrow-shaped ears. The pre-evolutionary form of the popular Pikachu, the Pokédex explains that the electricity pouches on its cheeks are still small and not able to store much electricity yet; because of that, it is not yet skilled at storing electricity.

In the game series, as the pre-evolved form of Pikachu, Pichu is less powerful than its evolved counterpart, and can't learn some moves that Pikachu can. However, the only way a player can obtain a Pikachu that knows Volt Tackle is through breeding a Pichu. Pikachu is a basic Pokemon, but Pichu is what's called a baby Pokemon.

Powers & Abilities

Similar to its evolved form Pikachu, Pichu is an Electric-type Pokémon with two pouches on its cheeks to store electricity and can discharge it at will, most of the time. As it is a young Pokémon, Pichu aren't well adept to using their own abilities to the fullest. Most of the time, they will accidentally discharge electricity which can shock others and itself. Unlike Pikachu that can store electricity from outside sources, Pichu do not have the ability yet to do so. A majority of the time, Pichu will harm themselves through their own attacks as they aren't able to fully control electricity yet which creates a big disadvantage in a battle. Pichu are weak to the Ground-type as they are immune to Electric-type attacks and the Electric-type is weak to Ground-type attacks. However, Pichu's smaller size makes it a bit faster than a Pikachu though that is a Pichu's only saving factor from using it in a battle. Pichu typically reside in forests and are rare in the wild. They will sometimes however, live in urban areas, especially near big cities and power plants since they provide them with electricity to feed on though they do enjoy berries. Pichu evolve into Pikachu when their friendships levels are high with its trainer and finally evolve into a Raichu when exposed to a Thunderstone when it evolves into a Pikachu.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee

As a playable character

Main article: Pichu (SSBM)

Pichu makes a playable appearance in this game, albeit as one of the weakest characters, but faster and slightly stronger than Pikachu. Melee is notably the only game that is true to Pichu's Pokédex description of harming itself with its own electrical energy: whenever Pichu performs an attack that involves electricity, it takes a few percentage of damage. It is also the lightest character in Melee.


A Tiny Mouse Pokémon identifiable by its big ears. Pichu evolves into Pikachu. It's not very skilled at storing up electrical energy and will sometimes discharge it if jarred. Although it's small, it has enough electrical power to give even an adult quite a shock. It's often startled by its own power.
  • Pokémon Gold & Silver [10/00]
Pichu [Smash]
Compared with Pikachu, Pichu is a tad more nimble and a little more difficult to hit. Those are the only two advantages, however, and since Pichu damages itself when it uses electrical attacks, it's best suited for handicapped matches. Even though Pichu's tough to catch, it's easy to throw its tiny frame great distances.
Pichu [Smash]
Pichu is the lightest character in Super Smash Bros. Melee., and it's top of the class in weakness, too! For Pichu, it's all about scampering here and there to pick up items that will help it survive. The first warp in Agility causes 1 point of damage to Pichu, and the second causes 3, so try to limit the number of times you use the move.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Pichu is one of the five playable characters in Melee who didn't return as a playable character in Brawl, and is the only one who neither has unfinished data on Brawl's disc nor a new playable character as a clear replacement. Instead, Pichu only appears as a collectible trophy. Interestingly, a couple of its unique attributes in Melee (its ability to wall jump and the blue goggles it wore on its blue palette) were given to Pikachu.

Trophy Info

Pichu makes an cameo appearance in Brawl as a collectible trophy, which can be obtained by clearing All-Star Mode without using a continue. The trophy describes Pichu's appearance in the Pokémon games, and makes no reference whatsoever to its appearance in Melee:

Pichu Trophy.jpg
A Tiny Mouse Pokémon. Because its electric cheek pouches are still small, it cannot store electricity yet. Pichu has been known to flaunt its courage by touching tails with others and setting off sparks. It is easier for Pichu to build up electricity when the humidity is lower. Pichu will evolve into Pikachu.
  • (GB) Pokémon Gold/Silver
  • (DS) Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

The Pichu trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Pichu once again did not return as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. However, it does make a cameo appearance as a collectible trophy exclusively in the 3DS version.

Trophy Info

Professor Elm must have been shocked when he discovered a pre-evolution of Pikachu! These cute baby Pokémon often discharge electricity accidentally when something takes them by surprise. They also play together by using their tails to make sparks fly! It's cute to watch, but it's good training for battle, too.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As a playable character

Main article: Pichu (SSBU)
Pichu SSBU.png

Pichu returns as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Like in Melee, some of Pichu's attacks will cause it to damage itself.


  • The wall jump ability used by Pichu in Melee is usable by Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That, along with the fact the blue goggles Pichu wore as an alternate costume in Melee appear for Pikachu in Brawl and Pikachus can only learn Volt Tackle through the Pichu stage, have led players to joke (or believe) that Pikachu in Brawl is the evolved Pichu from Melee.
  • Pichu and Young Link were the only Melee characters to have not returned as playable characters in later Smash Bros. installments until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in which brings back every single veteran from the previous Smash Bros. installments.
  • Pichu was the only playable character in Melee to have never had more than four palette swaps prior to Ultimate.
  • Pichu is the only playable Pokémon to be in the same evolutionary family as another playable Pokémon.
  • Pichu also shares very familiar moves with Pikachu.
  • Pichu voice actress Satomi Kōrogi not appear in Super Smash Bros Brawl or Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3ds and Wii U characters who also voiced Togepi all appearance.

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