Phantom Slash is Zelda's Down Special Move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Zelda unleashes a Phantom which charges forward and slashes any opponent it contacts.


Zelda sends out a phantom warrior, which slashes the first opponent it reaches. It can also be used to intercept opponents' projectiles. How far the Phantom goes is dependent on how long Zelda charges it. If the Phantom takes 13% damage or more it will disappear, and Zelda cannot summon another one for another six seconds; her right hand will glow purple while she is unable to summon another Phantom, a good visual clue to players that she is unable to use the move.

When uncharged, the phantom does a simple horizontal slash, and at full charge, it does an upwards slash that covers a wider range.

As Phantom Slash is technically a projectile attack, it can be reflected or pocketed by other characters so the Phantom attacks Zelda instead.

The move replaces Transform from Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, as Zelda and Sheik are now separate characters.

Zelda's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Nayru's Love
Side Special Din's Fire
Up Special Farore's Wind
Down Special Transform Phantom Slash
Final Smash Light Arrow Triforce of Wisdom

Custom Variations

Phantom Slash can be customized to become Phantom Breaker and Phantom Strike.

Phantom Breaker

Phantom Breaker is one of Zelda's Down Special Moves that can be used via customization. The Phantom can only travel a set distance, but can break through shields more easily.


  • Good shield pressure/breaking move
  • Projectile
  • Defense


  • Travels a set distance, making it easy to predict
  • Worse for killing opponents
  • Can be destroyed or reflected

The Phantom Breaker is excellent against opponent's shields. Uncharged it still does good shield damage making it good for shield pressure, and fully charged it can break shields; since it is a projectile and has good range to it, this can be used on shielding opponents from a distance. The move only goes a set distance though whether charged or not, making it predictable as opponents can simply move out of range. It is also worse as a kill move than the default variation. It can also be used as defense, blocking attacks and projectiles from hitting Zelda, though if it takes more than 13% damage it will be destroyed or it can be reflected back at Zelda.

Phantom Strike

Phantom Strike is Phantom Slash's other customization. The Phantom will not travel as far, but will strike harder. Does 13% damage on the first hit, then 15% on the second hit, for a total of 28%.


  • High damage
  • Defense


  • Less range
  • Can be destroyed or reflected

The Phantom Strike deals high damage but lacks in range; it still counts as a projectile and so can be reflected, and can also be destroyed if it takes too much damage. It is also useful for defense, blocking enemy attacks and projectiles.

Zelda's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Nayru's Rejection Nayru's Passion
Side Special Din's Flare Din's Blaze
Up Special Farore's Squall Farore's Windfall
Down Special Phantom Breaker Phantom Strike

Trophy Description


Sturdy guardians of the Tower of Spirits. Anjean says that normally they wouldn't attack anyone with a good heart, but evil spirits have possessed them and made them dangerous. If Link manages to stun one, Princess Zelda will swoop in and...possess it herself?!


The Phantoms are enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The Phantom originates from Phantom Hourglass but takes the design of a possessed Phantom from Spirit Tracks.

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