Petey Piranha (ボスパックン, Boss Packun) is Piranha Plant's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


When this Final Smash is used, Piranha Plant summons Petey Piranha. He acts in a similar manner to his appearance in The Subspace Emissary, jumping around and capturing opponents in the cages he holds. Each cage can hold one opponent. Then, Petey shoots flames from his mouth to the caged opponents and slams them out of his cages before he disappears.


Petey Piranha is recurring boss from the Mario series. In Super Smash Bros.: Brawl, he is the first boss and captures either Princess Peach or Princess Zelda in The Subspace Emissary.

Piranha Plant's Special Moves
Standard Special Ptooie
Side Special Poison Breath
Up Special Piranhacopter
Down Special Long-Stem Strike
Final Smash Petey Piranha (Final Smash)