Petey Piranha (Boss Pakkun in the Japanese games) is a recurring villain in the Mario series.

Character Description

Petey Piranha has many features that are similar to a typical Piranha Plant. However, Petey is much larger than other Piranha Plants, and has definitive arms and legs, and also wears white polka-dotted underpants. Petey made his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine. He appeared as a boss in the first course. He would attack Mario by spitting goop at him. Mario had to spray water in Petey's mouth in order to knock him over and ground pound his large belly button. Petey has also appeared in many of the Mario sports games and the Mario Kart series. He appeared as a heavy racer in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Petey also appeared as an unlockable character in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. In this game, Petey was the most powerful character. He has also appeared in numerous other Mario Sports titles like Mario Superstar Baseball and Super Mario Power Tennis.

Petey Piranha in the Super Smash Bros. series

Petey Piranha appears as a boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode, holding the cages of both Princess Peach and Princess Zelda. The player must damage the cages to break them open. When Petey is defeated, whichever cage is more damaged will break, freeing the princess inside. The princess who was not saved will be turned into a trophy by Wario. At the last level, Tabuu resurrects Petey (along with the other bosses) and sends him after the heroes in "The Great Maze."

Unlike in most Mario games, where Petey has a cartoonish voice, SSBB has him using fearsome roars. This could be the result of tabuu's power.

Petey Piranha's attacks

- Petey scrapes one of the two cages along the ground.

- Petey jumps high into the air and crashes to the ground, inflicting high damage.

- Petey powers up when one of the cages is halfway damaged. He uses his jump attack twice.


Petey is by far the easiest boss of the Subspace Emissary. When attacking him, simply jump over his cage swings or use projectiles. When he uses his jump attack, simply dodge under him or stay off the side of the stage. If trying to capture, just attack him to low health and dodge under his jumps until a trophy base appears.

Trophy Info

A gigantic Piranha Plant. Unlike his pipe-inhabiting cousins, he uses his legs to walk around. He can fly, too. As you might expect, he often appears as a boss character in Mario's adventures. This may come as a surprise, but he also displays surprising dexterity in kart races and ball games.

Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
New Super Mario Bros. (2006)


  • If one breaks both cages simultaneously by only attacking Petey's body, the game will randomly decide which princess is freed.
  • In Boss Battles Mode, Petey's cages are empty.
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