Perfect Control is a four-minute long SSBM video created using Action Replay that shows how the physics system can be used and exploited through "perfect" play. The Action Replay was used to slow the game down significantly, allowing the user to input commands at the frame-by-frame level. This allowed for demonstration of, among other things, the super wavedash, directional influence, and Powershielding. After being recorded, the video was sped back up to normal speed to show how the techniques would look at 60 frames per second. In the second video, alternate camera angles and stages only possible through the use of an Action Replay were also used. The video was created by SuperDoodleMan and Omnigamer.

The idea behind Perfect Control is stated in its opening:

"Even the fastest player is limited by the speed of his fingers, or his mind's ability to control them... ...but what if someone could act and react instantaneously... ...and thereby have total mastery of this game... don't blink."

The video proceeds to demonstrate the possibilities of instant reaction: the possibilities if a player truly possessed perfect control.

The videos were made by using an Action Replay to slow the game down to frame-by-frame, and then was sped up in the editing process.

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