For the similarly-named stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, see Princess Peach's Castle.

Peach's Castle from the Super Mario Bros. Games is Mario & Luigi's home stage in Super Smash Bros. It does not return in Melee. In 1P Game, the player fights a Mario and Luigi team on this stage. It is considered legal in tournament play.

Even though this stage does not appear in Super Smash Bros. Melee, a portion of the music that plays on it plays during the cutscene where Luigi takes Mario's place in Melee's Adventure Mode.


This stage comes from Super Mario 64. The stage could possibly take place at the top spure of Peach's Castle; However, in the background, one can see that Peach's Castle is very far below the actual stage. The wooden bridge part of the stage could have come from the level Snow Mountain in Super Mario 64. The music is a remixed version of the originial Super Mario Bros. theme.


Peach's Castle has two main platforms, one on top of another. It is possible to fall through the top platform. The bottom platform partially comprises of a block going left to right. On the top two corners there are two floating, inward-angled platforms that prevent people from being smash away too easily. It has a floating Bumper on the middle above the second platform of the stage. This bumper moves slightly left and right (it remains stationary on 1P Mode though). It is harder to recover from this stage since the two floating platforms limit recovery to the top platform and there are no ledges.

Character strengths/weaknesses

Good recovery characters (Kirby and Pikachu) become more powerful due to others having even weaker recovery on this stage.

  • Ness and Yoshi are stronger (DJC down air for Ness and down air for Yoshi)
  • Captain Falcon's worst stage (harder to air combo and recover)
  • DK is somewhat stronger due to easy spikes/up b hits
  • Link is weaker (even less recovery)
  • Mario is normal
  • Luigi is slightly better (low ceiling)
  • Jigglypuff is weaker (harder to combo in the air)
  • Samus is slightly below average (recovery weaker though easier down airs)

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