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When a game is paused, all action on the screen stops, giving players the opportunity to take a break in the middle of a match. However, pausing the game for minor reasons is generally frowned upon as it can disrupt gameplay, though there are, of course, exceptions. Still, pausing can be disabled in the VS mode rules (as it is in tournaments).

In Brawl, game elements (such as Final Smashes or the next character in line during a mid-match character swap) continue to load when the game is paused. This can be abused, such as making events like Co-Op Event 5: The Yoshi Team of 50 easier (by shortening loading time compared to time remaining).

When in the Subspace Emissary, player 2 can not pause the game. Instead, pressing the Start/Pause button causes the character to Space Jump.


Pausing also allows for players to abandon the match by pressing a certain button combination which varies by game.


Pausing also allows the players to look around by adjusting the camera angle and zooming in. In Super Smash. Bros, tilting the analog stick will make the camera rotate around the current target, limited by angle, but not by solidity. In other words, the camera will stop rotating after a certain angle, but it has no collisions, which means that it can be moved inside walls.

Melee expanded the camera controls further. Pressing L or R will switch targets. Pressing X or Y will zoom in and out, up to a certain point.

In Brawl these controls were further developed, now allowing the player to take snapshots mid-pause. In addition to Melee's features, the camera can also be panned with the C-Stick, and doesn't need to target on a player. Some cheats have also been created to eliminate the camera's restrictions.

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