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The parasol glitch was discovered by Evil pink tie, and involves Peach and her Parasol attack on a custom stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl. The glitch allows the player to cling to a wall and float as long as the player chooses to do so. The glitch can also be done by Jigglypuff and Mr. Game & Watch when using his Up Special move, although the glitch can only be performed after he deploys his parachute.

How to perform the Glitch


Simply select Peach, Jigglypuff or Mr. Game & Watch as the character. Any other character will do for an opponent.


Only confirmed to work on custom stages so far. The custom stage Bath works best, but any custom stage will do if it has these requirements:

  • Must have a square box
  • Another square box on top so the player can't ledge grab the bottom one.
  • A platform directly below the bottom square. It must be unable to step on. This is what Peach, Jigglypuff, or Mr. Game & Watch will try to "land" on.


  • A square box
  • A custom stage object, like the Tiki Head that is no larger than the box it rests on.


On the Bath stage as Peach, jump onto the fall block and let it drop. Jump, then hover below the stage and head towards one of the blocks and use the Up Special move, then move the control stick towards the block and keep holding it. If done correctly, Peach should stay hovering against the block. As soon as the player lets go of the control stick, Peach will begin to descend again, but will be unable to re-hook to the wall.

Mr. Game & Watch can perform it in the same way except it may be harder since he falls faster after his parachute is deployed.

This glitch can also be achieved using Jigglypuff as well by simply moving the control stick towards the block without doing anything else. This is possible due to Jigglypuff's light weight and slow falling speed.


Obviously a defensive move. It can be used to force your opponent to KO themselves while trying to reach Peach. As to if the CPU's use it, there have been no other confirmed instances so what happened to Evil pink tie is considered a freak incident. After more experimenting, Evil pink tie found out that Mr. Game and Watch can also do it. However no other character thus far can pull it off, the closest being Sonic and his Side-B attack. Sonic only hovers as long as he is still doing the attack, then falls after the attack is finished. Note that they go through their fall animations and then repeat while they are still stuck to the wall.

Video of the glitch

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