In Super Smash Bros., each character had at least four costumes, one for each of the costume-changing C buttons. Some characters had an extra costume (or two) to accomodate for Team Battles if their four costumes lacked a red, blue, or green variation; these costumes cannot be selected outside of Team Battle since there are only four C buttons.

* Available through Team Battles only.

Captain Falcon


Captain Falcon's palette swaps in SSB

Captain Falcon is the only character to have six different playable color swaps, even though two of them (blue and green) can only be accessed during a Team Battle.

  • Purple (default)
  • Black: Resembles Captain Falcon in the Japanese commercial for F-Zero X.
  • Red: Based on the appearance of his rival, Blood Falcon.
  • White (Fuschia): The same colors as Jody Summers's outfit.
  • Green*: The same colors as Pico's vehicle, the Wild Goose. Captain Falcon was used in Team Battles only.
  • Blue*:An alternate, brighter version of his standard colors. Captain Falcon was used in Team Battles only.

Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong's palette swaps in SSB

  • Brown (default) Based off his appearance in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64.
  • Black: Possibly based on the appearance of an actual gorilla.
  • Red: Possibly based on his sprite in the original Donkey Kong.
  • Blue
  • Green*: The only Donkey Kong costume to date to change the color of his face. DK was used in Team Battles only.



Fox's palette swaps in SSB

  • Tan (White) (default)
  • Orange (Red): Fox's Star Fox outfit on the Japanese box art.
    • Used when Fox is on the Red team.
  • Purple (Blue) Fox resembles Krystal in Star Fox Adventures, while she was not in the Nintendo Gamecube game in 2002.
    • Used when Fox is on the Blue team.
  • Green: Similar to his father James McCloud's outfit. Resembles his color scheme from the original Star Fox concept art.



Jigglypuff's palette swaps in SSB

  • Pink (default)
  • Red
  • Blue Jigglypuff's Shiny Color
  • Green



Kirby's palette swaps in SSB

  • Pink (default)
  • Yellow: The same as Keeby. It is also similar to his colors scheme when he is Beam Kirby, sans the hat.
  • Blue: The same as when he is Ice Kirby, sans the hat.
  • Red: The same as when he is Fire Kirby, sans the hat. Also, this is Kirby's only color change in the original.
  • Green*: Homage to the days when Kirby was on the Game Boy screen, which was green. Also similar to Plasma Kirby, sans the hat. Kirby was used in Team Battles only.



Link's palette swaps in SSB

  • Green (default)
  • Red: Based off the Goron Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Blue: Based off the Zora Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Lavender: Based off the Blue Ring Tunic from the original The Legend of Zelda.



Luigi's palette swaps in SSB

  • Green (default) Based on his appearance from the Mario series and is based off his sprite from Super Mario World and Mario is Missing.
  • White: Based off Luigi's appearance in the NES version of Mario Bros. as well as Super Mario Bros. Also bears a similar outfit to that of Fire Luigi.
  • Light Blue: Based on Mario's appearance on the cover of the NES version of Mario Bros.
    • Used when Luigi is on the Blue team.
  • Pink (Red): Luigi's Wrecking Crew costume, in which he wears pink.
    • Used when Luigi is on the Red team.



Mario's palette swaps in SSB

  • Red (default) Based on his appearance from the Mario series as well as his outfit from Super Mario 64 and Mario Party.
  • Yellow: Based on the yellow-and-purple outfit of his rival, Wario.
  • Brown: A reference to Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew '98.
  • Blue: A red/blue reversal of his traditional colors. This is seen as a partial reference to Mario's varying appearances in games prior to Nintendo's officially establishment of Mario's outfit of consisting of a red shirt, blue overalls and red hat. In various earlier games, Mario occasionally also appeared with sometimes a blue hat, red shirt with blue overalls or a red hat, blue shirt with red overalls. However, this particular combination of a blue hat, blue shirt, with red overalls was never used in any Mario game as of the release of all games in the "Smash Bros." series, but it does resemble the appearance of the Balloon Fighter. Also is similar to Ice Mario in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, although not released at that time until ten years later because the Wii didn't exist yet. It also resembles his outfit on the cover of the first issue of Nintendo Power and the blue shirt and red overalls are similar to Mario's outfit from the DIC Mario cartoons.
  • Green*: The color inverse of his traditional colors. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a reference to Luigi. However, it does coincidentally resemble Luigi's colors from the arcade version of Mario Bros box art. Also appears as part of the flashing animation from a Starman in Super Mario Bros. Mario was used in Team Battles only.



Ness's palette swaps in SSB

  • Red: (default)
  • Yellow: Ness decked out in Pittsburgh Steelers team colors. Also looks like a bee, or similar to Charlie Brown from Peanuts.
  • Blue: Is based off of Ness's younger self that he encounters briefly in EarthBound, who was wearing a blue hat and overalls with white shirt. Some also consider this outfit to be a reference to EarthBound's final battle against Giygas, where a reflection of Ness's face wearing a blue/purple hat appeared in the Devil's Machine.
  • Green:



Pikachu's palette swaps in SSB

  • Yellow (default)
  • Red: Pikachu's Shiny Coloration.
  • Blue
  • Green

Samus Aran


Samus's palette swaps in SSB

  • Orange (default)
    • Used when Samus is on the Red team.
  • Pink: Based off the appearance of the Varia Suit when missiles are selected in the original NES Metroid game.
  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue*: Based off of the Gravity Suit from Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. Is also similar to Fusion Suit Samus, who appeared in Metroid Fusion. Samus was used in Team Battles only.



Yoshi's palette swaps in SSB

All of Yoshi's costumes are the different variations of the Yoshi species from the various Yoshi games including:

* Available through Team Battles only.
** Color is exclusive to CPU opponents in Single Player mode.

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