Pac-Land is a new stage, based on the original arcade game Pac-Land, for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. This stage returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is a sidescrolling stage, similar to Mushroomy Kingdom.


The stage is structured like the original arcade game. The stage scrolls from the start of the first level all the way to Fairyland. After reaching Fairyland, the stage then scrolls back to the starting point, but the layout changes. After reaching the start, the second level begins, and the same events occur, but in a new level. Pushing a hydrant will give effects of a Super Mushroom, while getting near to the Fairy Queen increases the characters jump. Balloons heal the player, the "boat" item creates more platforms and the "Super-Pac" item make a fighter invincible for a time.

Star KO's cannot happen on this stage due to the background's close proximity.


Pac-Land is an arcade game released by Namco on August 1984, in which Pac-Man must travel through Pac-Land to return a Fairy to Fairyland.

Trophy Description

PAC-MAN's House

A dainty, little face-like house. PAC-MAN dreamed of raising a family in his dream home while working hard and eating power pellets. Finally, after lots and lots of hard work, his dream came true! Good job, PAC-MAN! Twenty years (or so) later, he moves into a yellow house with more rooms, but that's in another game.

  • Arcade - PAC-LAND (1984)

Songs in My Music

  • PAC-MAN (Club Mix)
  • Namco Arcade '80s Retro Medley 1
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  • Pac-Land is the first confirmed sidescrolling stage.
  • Pac-Land is considered by players the most annoying stage in the game aside from The Great Cave Offensive.
  • Pac-Land is one of the stages that flattens the 3D models of characters, similar to when Mr. Game and Watch has a 3D model but a code flattens him.
  • Like Pac-Man's Fire Hydrant, standing on a fire hydrant for long enough will spray water upwards.

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