Pac-Jump is Pac-Man's Up Special Move. Pac-Man changes into his classic form and bounces off a trampoline that can be used up to three times, gaining height with each use.


It changes color after each use, and it will go from blue, then to yellow, and finally to red. As it progresses in color, the characters will be launched higher, being a very useful recovery move, until it gets to red, where it will snap and send the jumper into a helpless state. Other characters can jump on it.

Pac-Man's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Bonus Fruit
Side Special Power Pellet
Up Special Pac-Jump
Down Special Fire Hydrant
Final Smash Super Pac-Man

Custom Variations

Power Pac-Jump

Power Pac-Jump gives Pac-Man a higher jump, but he will only be able to use it once, because the trampoline will instantly disappear afterwards. Other characters will not be able to use it.


  • Deals more damage than default
  • Can kill at 150% on most characters
  • Decent vertical distance


  • Can only be used one time

This move is useful in that not only does it deal more damage, but it is a useful kill move as well. Though the trampoline doesn't stay on the stage, it does launch Pac-Man higher than usual, giving Pac-Man a good vertical recovery move. In addition, the trampoline not staying on-stage means that recovering opponents can't use it either.

Meteor Trampoline

Meteor Trampoline makes the Trampoline bounce the characters downward when its color is red. If used in the ground, the characters wil be buried. If used in the air, the trampoline will work like a Meteor Smash. It can also affect Pac-Man.


  • Combo options
  • Meteor/burrowing effect


  • Slight damage
  • Pac-Man can be burrowed or meteor smashed
  • Slight distance covered with each bounce

The Meteor Trampoline has lots of uses but Pac-Man's overall recovery suffers as a result. Using the move while on the ground will create an obstacle for opponents; Pac-Man can hit the opponents into the trampoline to burrow them, allowing for some combos to follow like a forward tilt, down tilt, or down air, or even a launching attack like a forward smash. Using it in the air will meteor whoever touches it. Using the move off-stage or on the edge can create problems for recovering opponents; if they try to grab the edge, they'll be meteored, and trying to use the trampoline to recover is not an option either. Pac-Man deals less damage to opponents he hits while using the move.

Pac-Man's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Freaky Fruit Lazy Fruit
Side Special Distant Power Pellet Enticing Power Pellet
Up Special Power Pac-Jump Meteor Trampoline
Down Special On-Fire Hydrant Dire Hydrant


The trampolines from Mappy.

The trampoline comes from the Namco arcade game Mappy. The color scheme is even the same, save for the green color seen before the trampoline has been used.


Pac-Man can perform a "trick" when paired with another Pac-Man that involves both using Pac-Jump to ascend using the trampolines until they reach the upper blast line.

The first Pac-man uses his default Pac-jump to create a trampoline under himself to be launched upwards. The other Pac-man then jumps on the trampoline that was just created. At this point, both players can spam Pac-Jumps to create a fresh trampoline for the other player to use that is slightly higher than the last one. Because of this, stalling in the air indefinitely is possible.

This is similar to the Luigi Ladder, however they won't be KO'ed since the move doesn't cause damage. However, they will be constantly taking damage from being past the blast zones. They can only be KO'ed if hit by an opposing player.

Sometimes, the game shows minor graphical glitches if the Pac-man players go high enough off the stage. The little thumbnail that shows when a player is in the blast-zone has normal behavior when the strategy starts, but by going high enough, the thumbnails will start spazzing out and wobble all over the top of the screen.

However, some characters are still able to attack them by using a certain item or projectile that can reach them, such as Ness' PK Thunder and Dark Pit's Silver Bow. R.O.B. is the easiest character to do that since he can use his Robo Burner and throw a Gyro at them.

Trampoline Stage Drop Glitch

This glitch can be triggered by using Pac-Jump on the ground. If any other character uses his trampoline three times until it disappears, an invisible hole will created, where the character will phase through the platform to his doom. The character can actually jump back on stage if he/she recovers before going through the other side of the main platform.

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