Lucas using PK Thunder midair.

The PK Thunder (Japanese: PKサンダー, PK Sandaa) is the Up Special Move for Ness and Lucas. When used, it creates a stream of lightning whose direction can be controlled using the control stick. It does around 8% damage and has the interesting effect of knocking the opponent in a direction opposite that of the lighting's direction; in other words, the thunder knocks the opponent in the direction that it was coming from. However, using the PK Thunder will result in Ness and Lucas not being able to move or defend, seeing as the control stick is being used to move the PK Thunder.

The PK Thunder has many interesting properties. If the tail, rather than the head, of the PK Thunder hits the opponent, it will deal less damage and stun the opponent less, but also will continue flying around. This is known as a tail whip. In melee, if Ness is hit while using the PK Thunder, the thunder will cease to be in his control and will travel in a straight path until it expires. In brawl, the PK Thunder disappears immediately when Ness is hit.

Ness's PK Thunder hits once and disappears if it hits an enemy, while Lucas's PK Thunder goes through enemies and can score multiple hits.

Since Lucas's PK Thunder does not disappear after hitting an opponent, it can chase the enemy around the stage. Unfortunately the fact that the knockback is in a reverse direction, prevents it from being a successful Wall of Pain.

The uncontrolled thunder can hit anybody, not just Ness's opponents. This means that one can actually use the PK Thunder as a barrier, using the tail to intentionally block oneself from flying off the screen after being hit. This is called a PK Thunder Barrier.

The PK Thunder can also break the Smash Ball, making it a good choice of attack if the Smash Ball is at a long distance away.

If Ness or Lucas hits himself with the PK Thunder, he will be launched as a human projectile. This tactic is known as the PK Thunder2.

PK Thunder 2


Ness and Lucas using PK Thunder 2

"PK Thunder 2" is the term used for hitting yourself with your own PK Thunder while you still have control over it. The Japanese developers called this move PK Jibaku (PK自爆). The word jibaku means 'self-destruct' or 'suicide bomb,' a fitting term for a tactic that turns Ness and Lucas into human missiles.

This technique can be used by Ness and Lucas. Doing so will transform Ness or Lucas into a human projectile, which will move in different directions depending on what part of the body is hit. If the player makes contact with the opponent, he will deal a good amount of damage and knockback, although the SSB version is considerably stronger than the SSBM equivalent. Lucas's version of the attack hits multiple times, while Ness's deals one strong blow.

The PK Thunder 2 is also Ness and Lucas' main method of recovery, given that it launches them fairly far in a straight direction. It is interesting to note that Lucas' PK Thunder 2 covers more ground than Ness', so Lucas' is slightly more effective. While using the move, the user will fall much slower. Unfortunately, using this in a pit means it's hard to stretch the PK Thunder around to bump you up.

CPUs playing as either Ness or Lucas are also programmed to use this strategy.


  • In the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Prima strategy guide, it was incorrectly stated that Lucas' PK Thunder hit opponents once, and sends them flying. While Ness's PK thunder, on the other hand, is able to hit opponents multiple times.
  • In Giant Brawl, if Ness picks up a Super Mushroom and the enemy picks up a Poison Mushroom and Ness uses PK Thunder 2, it can do about 100% damage from a single hit and is nearly always a One-hit KO.
  • It is ironic that while PK Thunder is a controlled projectile in Brawl, in Earthbound and Mother 3, PK Thunder hit randomly without control.

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