Orbital Gate Assault is a new stage introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, the stage is exclusive to the Wii U version of the game, and is based on the eighth chapter of the story mode of Star Fox: Assault.


The stage begins on the Great Fox similarly to Corneria but it is facing right instead of left and has a slightly different shape. Soon after the match starts, the Great Fox starts zooming forward and begins to fly over a missle; once it is above the missle, the Great Fox moves to the background forcing players to transition to the missle and the Arwings around it. The missle is around the size of Final Destination and has a few soft platforms at the back of it. After awhile, the arwings will fly off the screen and the missle will ram into a wall. The wall will cause damage and knockback to any player that touches it. Eventually the missle gets destroyed with the explosion launching all players who were standing on it upwards. Players will then land on three Arwings that appear after the destruction of the missle. The Arwings will tilt as up and down as they fly around the Orbital Gate. After awhile of flying, the Arwings fly up off the screen and into the background and the players land on another missle. The second missle is identical to the first except it faces left instead of right. Once the missle is destroyed, the players will again land on three Arwings, but this time in a different formation. Instead of flying side by side and tilting, these Arwings fly around each other. Eventually the Arwing drops the fighters off at the Great Fox restarting the process.

Songs in My Music

  • Theme from Area 6 / Missile Slipstream
  • Star Wolf's Theme / Sector Z
  • Corneria
  • Main Theme (Star Fox 64)
  • Area 6
  • Space Battleground
  • Break: Through the Ice
  • Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault)
  • Tunnel Theme (X-Scape)


The Orbital Gate as it appeared is Star Fox Assault

This stage is based on the eighth story mission in Star Fox: Assault. This mission sees the parasitic Aparoid race mount a direct attack on the Star Fox team's homeworld, Corneria, in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the deployment of an Aparoid-eradicating virus. In an Arwing-only battle within the planet's orbit, the team works with rival unit Star Wolf along with the Cornerian Defense Force to repel the Aparoid forces and destroy several missiles targeting the space station on which the virus is being developed.



  • This is the first Star Fox stage that uses a design for the Great Fox that's not the Star Fox 64 design.
  • This is the first Star Fox stage to lack any appearance of Wolfens.
  • This stage comes from Mission 8 in Star Fox Assault but includes new voice conversations for each character on the Star Fox team.
  • What is odd about these conversations is the lack of thich was actually also present in helping protect the gate from incoming missiles. Not only is the Star Wolf team missing, but Krystal does not make an appearance either.
  • In the Smash Taunt ROB 64 says, "Missile approaching. It is targeting the Gate." This an exact line from the mission the stage is based on.
  • The fire emitted from the missile will give damage.
  • No conversations will occur during For Fun.
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