A One-Hit KO (or abbv. OHKO) is a very strong hit that can KO the enemy at 0% damage, but basically all of them are highly conditional, all sharing the following restrictions:

  • The opponent does not tech, DI, or crouch cancel.
  • There is not a wall to block the knockback.
  • Knockback may be insufficient on very large stages (e.g. Hyrule Temple, New Pork City)
  • Knockback may be insufficient if the attack had been used previously.
  • They are essentially normal attacks, so they can be blocked or dodged as usual.
  • The opponent is not giant and/or metal.
  • The opponent does not Perfect Shield.

The rule of Final Smashes as One-Hit KO's is if they can kill opponent's at 0% from one side of Final Destination (the largest tournament legal stage) to the other and resulting in a KO.



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