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A '''One-Hit KO''' (or abbv. OHKO) is a very strong hit that can [[KO]] the enemy at 0% damage, but basically all of them are highly conditional, all sharing the following restrictions:
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*The opponent does not [[tech]], [[DI]], or [[crouch cancel]].
*There is not a wall to block the knockback.
*Knockback may be insufficient on very large stages (e.g. [[Hyrule Temple]], [[New Pork City]])
*Knockback may be insufficient if the attack had been used previously.
*They are essentially normal attacks, so they can be blocked or dodged as usual.
*The opponent is not [[Super Mushroom|giant]] and/or [[Metal box|metal]].
*The opponent does not [[Perfect Shield]].
The rule of [[Final Smash|Final Smashes]] as One-Hit KO's is if they can kill opponent's at 0% from one side of [[Final Destination]] (the largest tournament legal stage) to the other and resulting in a KO.
== Examples ==
*[[Roy]]'s fully charged Standard Special Move, [[Flare Blade]].
*A forward [[Smash Attack]] done by a [[Home-Run Bat]].
*Getting eaten by the [[Fish]] on [[Summit]] or a [[Bulborb]] on [[Distant Planet]]. (This is not technically a "hit"; rather, the victim is trapped and dragged off-screen.)
*The [[Ultimate Chimera]]'s bite. (In [[Stamina Mode]], it's sometimes a One-hit KO.)
*[[Lylat System: Corneria|Corneria]]'s cannon laser shots. (Multiple Hits)
*A [[Pitfall]] against a [[Wario]] using the [[Wario Bike]].
*[[Marth]]'s [[Critical Hit]] [[Final Smash]].
*[[Wario-Man]]'s fully charged [[Wario Waft]].
*[[Luigi]]'s [[Super Jump Punch|Fire Jump Punch]] inside his [[Negative Zone]] [[Final Smash]], but only if used on the ground.
*The [[Dragoon]].
*[[Puff Up]] ([[Jigglypuff (SSBB)|Jigglypuff's]] [[Final Smash]]) when Jigglypuff shrinks.
*[[Tabuu]]'s [[Off Waves]] (on Normal or higher difficulties in [[Subspace Emissary|SSE]]). (Very Hard and Intense in Boss Battle mode)
*Getting [[crushed]] in the [[Subspace Emissary]].
*Getting hit by the bow/front of the [[Pirate Ship]].
*Getting hit by a walking [[Bob-omb]] while using Fox's reflector. (only in SSB)
*Jigglypuff when its shield breaks.
*[[Game and Watch]]'s fully charged [[Oil Panic]], with [[Ness]]'s [[PK Flash]], or another strong projectile.
*The First lone spike on [[Rumble Falls]].
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