Omnislash (超究武神覇斬, Chōkyū Bushin Hazan, literally "Super Ultimate Martial God Supreme Slash") is Cloud Strife's Final Smash. As of the playable appearance of Sephiroth, there are two versions of Omnislashes based on Cloud’s respective appearances.


Upon activation, a text box with the word Omnislash appears at the top of the screen as Cloud says ツキがなかったな。( Tsuki ga nakatta na, "Your luck runs out."). In a similar manner to Marth and Lucina's Critical Hit, he will rush forward and stop at the first opponent he encounters, and launches them or any other fighters in the vicinity to the stage's middle with an upwards swing. Cloud then proceeds to slash at the opponent repeatedly before slamming them downward into the stage, dealing a great amount of vertical and slightly sideways knockback. Omnislash deals a total of 50%, while opponents who were not caught but too close to the final explosion will be inflicted between 10%-14% damage depending on their distance from Cloud. The combination of large amounts of knockback and damage means this attack KOs very early.

Even though Cloud surrounds himself in the blue aura that is seen while in Limit Break status, Omnislash and Limit Break do not affect each other, with the aura being an aesthetic effect due to the Final Smash itself being a Limit Break.

Because Cloud rushes forward to initiate Omnislash, the Final Smash is considerably easier to land than other trapping Final Smashes. However, it can be avoided by jumping, as Cloud cannot connect with opponents who are too far away vertically.

In Ultimate, if Cloud is in his Advent Children alternate costumes as of version 10.1.0, his Final Smash instead becomes Omnislash Ver. 5. While this version still deals the same damage as the original, it is aesthetically different. Cloud's Fusion Sword divides into six individual swords, five floating around the enemy and one above. He then grabs each circling sword and rushes the enemy before grabbing the final blade and diving downwards.


Omnislash first appears in Final Fantasy VII as Cloud Strife's LEVEL 4 Limit Break learned from the Omnislash item of the same name. The item can be bought at the Battle Square in Gold Saucer by using Battle Points, and is available as soon as the player obtains the Tiny Bronco, although it will be cheaper if obtained in later discs. Cloud can learn it once he has learned all of his other Limit Breaks. Omnislash hits random enemies 15 times under the effect of automatic critical hits for 0.75 times normal damage each hit.

Even if the player doesn't learn Omnislash, Cloud will still have it during the final confrontation against Sephiroth (though he will not perform it if Sephiroth attacks first and Cloud's counter is coded to defeat Sephiroth regardless of if the attack damages or somehow heals Sephiroth.) This battle uses a different battle model for Cloud, making Omnislash look slightly different.

Omnislash Ver. 5 first appeared in the film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, where Cloud uses it as the final blow against Sephiroth.


  • The number of hits Omnislash in Smash Bros. does is exactly the same number of hits as in Final Fantasy VII.
  • Omnislash is the first Final Smash to receive an update based on the character’s alternate costume appearance, in this case, "Omnislash Ver. 5"

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